Painting Neutrik Adapter?

Has anyone done this? I assume if i just pull the jack itself out, and spray some paint on it, it should work. Im making a stick with all white body and would like for the metal part of the adapter to be white as well. And im talking about the USB-A to USB-B adapter not the RJ45.

i think your best bet would be plastidip.

Caswell Inc. - Plasti Dip Products

use the aerosol can, atleast 3 coats. make sure you go OVER and around corners to create a nice seal, just doing the face of the adapter will probably cause it to peal back like a sticker.

i used plastip aerosol can to coat a black dust cover to red for a stick i made about 3 years ago.

it never wore down even after constant playing. i had to peel it off a couple of weeks ago when i redid the entire stick.

you can pretty much buy this awesome stuff at any hardware store.

Dude, thats amazing, thanks so much.