Painting the fence, defined and explained

I know that this info must be everywhere and known to everyone.
BUT i will do this nonetheless
after practicing in the most extreme sense of that word (namely, losing many many games to random scrubs trying to get it down) i can confidently say i do painting the fence correctly.
Now, what is paint the fence you ask?
Essentially, it is a simple juggle that m.bison can do on any character hit box in the corner where he does his DP+HP move repeatedly, dealing massive damage.
while this seems simple enough, there are complications:
if you go too fast, the enemy will fall too low and evenutally hit the ground, thus stopping ur ptf.
if you go too slow, the enemy will also do the above.
if you use something other then HP for the DP, then the chance of them staying in the air increases, but the damage decreases
finally, the motion must be relatively accurate. capcom designs its games so that motions can be done rather loosely. however, in the case of mbison…because his b, f + p (psycho crusher) is a move, and his d, u+p (stomp) is also a move, this causes the person doing ptf to be extremely accurate so as to not cancel a ptf into one of these mentioned moves.
—> things to practice so far: timing/motion preciseness
now, as i said it took me quite a while to get this down. no, you dont need this game at home, tho it does help tremendously (if u have a stick similar to the one at ur local arcade)
the first thing u should learn (because it is easier then the actual painting) is the setups (how to juggle an opponent from midscreen to the corner, or from the air, or out of a corner etc etc) and there are many guides for all of these.
second is the actual motion itself.
onto the motion:
if ur bison is facing the left corner, then chances are u wont be doing any buffering. that is, every motion u do will be afull DP motion. this turns out to be quite useful in terms of setting the tempo. if u do a continuous set of DP motions (followed by punches) your ptf will be quite rhythmic and quite timed properly.
what is timing properly? getting 4-5 hits per paint.
now, if ur bison is facing the right corner, u CAN buffer. meaning, once u do the first dp motion, u can continue the paints by simply doing fireballs. the down forward of the previous paint will count towards the forward of the current paint.
HOWEVER: i strongly suggest u do NOT do this.
learn to do it fully on both sides for best results. it is in buffering and buffering alone that people mess up the most (ie get crusher/stomp). get the full motion and do it.
as for getting a feel, u should be able to do approx 14 paints ona full can (err, bar)
taking advice froma friend (Noodleman from this forum), a way to help ur paint rhythm is to actually count the paints.

thats all for now. i hope this is somewhat better then other explanations, or at least answers a question uve been having.
feel free to post questions

I find that buffering (when facing right) works better for Shoshosho compared to PTF. It may be just me, but I tend to mess up when not doing the full DP motion.

Different setups = different max number of hits. The number of dps you can fit it depending on the setup varies. Scissors into CC and in the corner should rack in the most hits, while mid to full screen setups clock in the least.

for shosho, i actually recommend buffering. its so that

  1. u keep ur tempo right (about 4 hits per sho)
  2. u dont mess up the motion

haha, just joking. ideally it’s 5 hits per paint, and you cancel the paint right after the 5th hit so that the gap between hits are minimized.

I think the “perfect” timing is the time to do st.fp xx [dp + fp] x 15, super after a scissor in the corner.

with the “full” combo of jp.rh, cr.lp x2, xx scissor, activate, st.fp xx paint can do around 80+hits.

but yea ask noodle hes the expert

buffer motion for shoshosho = for scrubs.
buffer motion for paint the fence = for scrubs.

That’s the truth.

I don’t think its possible to get s.hp -> 5 hits per paint x15 -> 3 hit sciccors. you have to cut your PTFs into 4 hits somewhere in there or something. O_o…

whats the deal that for scrubs? I mean… if u can do it isnt enought?

I do ful dp when I´m on 2p side, but in the 1p side i do bether buffer… for shoshosho and PTF

does that answer ur question?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

H&K, yea, you’re right about the 3hit scissors thing, and I was pretty much talking about the theoretical sense, since i don’t think anyone can do 5 hits all the time. Either way, if you get 4-5 hits per paint, you’re probrably going to kill your opponent with it anyways.

mythicexile - I decided to edit this because you aren’t worth it. You’re just a dumbass =D. Whatever floats your boat…yeah sure, I “paint my fence” at night?..-__-

noodleman - 5 hits every DP is possible. But i dont think you’ll ever get 5 hits on the first Paint(s.hp -> 1st dp). Everything on after could be 5 hits. But keep in mind if you do 5 hits for each DP, your maximum will be 14 dps with 3 hit sciccor…or 15 dp with 2 hit sciccor super… And suprisingly if you do 15 dp with 2 hit sciccors, you get more damage. But i do 14 dps and 3 hit sciccors because it looks more complete and non-scrubby. =]

haha i was just jokin around h+k
ur vids on the other thread are SICK. lotsa good things i learned from them

Thank you Thank you. =] Nice to hear the compliments from many, we greatly appreciate it.

Why do people execute properly to the left and not to the right? Too awkward for the dp’s?

well…for ME, i USED to get the motions more precisely on the left because the Right was too…I just used too much force and it gave it a funky ass input. So i unno.

cause on when you’re painting in the left corner, you’re controlling the stick with your fingers, where as when you’re trying to dp to the right, you’re doing it with your palm/wrists, so it’s alot harder for you to control.

that’s my reasoning anyways., i should try cross handing it when i’m painting to the right :lol:

Same in my case… though I can PTF with the full dp motions facing right, it’s a bit tiring and timing tends to be messy. (50-ish hit PTF opposed to 70 in the left corner)