Painting the fence question!

I have been playing A: M.Bison for a while I cant seem to paint the fence as much as I like too… I just want to know to is the best way to paint the fence???

I’ve been asking the same question to anybody who knows for a while and I got only 1 good answer, the source is not from this thread or this forum. I’m still practicing hard on this and I never seem to be very consistent but here you go.
f, d, df+P, f repeat. hope you understand what i’m saying.

Ok, im pretty fed up with this PTF bs, so i’m gonna explain this shit.

There are 2 ways to do bison cc:

Seperate Motions(the RIGHT way):
what this is, is, you do a dp, and then you go to nuetral and repeat.
Motion: F, Df, D, Df+Hp, let go of stick very slightly to let it go back to nuetral, repeat.
Pretty easy…after practice.

What this is, is, you do one dp, and then you keep rolling the stick from d->f+hp. So after you do 1 dp, you DONT go back to nuetral and just keep doing qcf+hp from then on.
Motion: f,df,d,df+hp,f, df, d, df, f+hp, df, d, df, f+hp.
main thing, do 1 dp, then keep doing qcf+hp from then on.

there are people who can do this the very first time they try it

and people who cannot.

if you are a member of the second group, practicing is the ONLY way you will EVER be able to do it.

secondly, don’t fool yourself into thinking that the two ways above you are the only ways to do the cc, you need to figure out what way is most comfortable for you, otherwise you’ll never get it.

Hail And Kill.: thanks, i got the hang of it on sakura, but on bison its different…like I can’t do it fast or the close FP will stick out rather than a DP. should I cancel the DP on 5th hit or on 3rd? i feel more comfortable cancelling the DP on 3rd. If I cancel on the 5th, I break my momentum and a close FP sticks out and I have to do the DP again.

hsibrad: thanks. I belong to the 2nd group. but i’ve been practicing really hard on CCs since I converted to A groove and i got the hang of it on Sak. i’m still practicing like crazy on bison lately cuz i miss the DPs sometimes.

I hope you guys understand that i’ve been practicing on the arcade version rather on console, which I don’t have. so there’s no practice dummy and key displays for me :frowning:

Well i think your probably concentrating doing it too fast with bison. You can cancel after the 5th hit for bison, and imo easier than sak’s cc. I think you just need to find a slower but consistent rhythm, and soon enough you might find yourself finding bison easier to do.

thanks, i’ve been doing the motions a bit slower with sak yesterday (3-4 hits of her dpFP) and I was surprised that IT can be done slow. i’m gonna practice bison later. hope that its a blast. another question, for bison’s AA CC starter, what punch should I use to start this? close and deep counterhit MP or HP?

If your talking about the anti air CC, you have to do CLOSE MP then cancel that to jab dp. After that u can st.rh or mk scissor kick them to the corner.

And like I said once you get the motion down, it becomes relatively easy, and now u see that u don’t have to mash, but just simple consistent motions.

yep it is anti air CC. taking notes thanks a bunch man. i wish i can get the motions down sooner.

I only think this one’s easier than sakura’s because she has a fireball that I keep doing instead of the shosho… it’s like… shoshohadoksho… (random nonsense), xx super (me like, wtf O_o)…

this one, I can take my time with… DP + hp, pause / neutral, repeat.

gene, don’t call manual dp’s the “right” way… just do it however you can… practice it anyway that works best

i do manual facing left and fireballs facing right

there is no secret


ok with all the shit about ptf and sakura.

sakura’s custom is faster than bisons.

Bison’s custom is easier than sakuras.

basically, do what’s easier for you, the rolling (which i can’t do for shit), or the real Dps (the way i do) haha.

Hint: it’s the timing of the fierce, not so much as the motion of the joystick.

yup i think most people mess up becuase of the timing of the fierce.

well even though sakuras an bisons have the same motion since bison is juggling the opponent you have to pay attention to the character, its this that makes the tempo slower (just reitering what was already said)

-I dont play a bison but I guess the best way to do it would be seperate motions

-for sakura do the first dp motion and the rest just mash fireballs … but make sure you dont put the joystick above the -> motion or you will mess up the next input

for sakuras it was all in the rhythm, the inputs are so fast that you pretty much have to mash fireball motions… theres alot in the sounds of the characters… next time you see someone do it successfully close your eyes and hear the sound of the move… that will tell you the tempo of the combo