Painting the PDP Versus Pad

I bought the Marvel edition of the PDP Versus pad – you know, the one with the crackhead Marvel art on it, since the Gamestop I went to didn’t have the normal black in stock for the 360, and was wondering if anyone can tell me if anyone has successfully painted this controller or can point me in the right directions for the type of spray paint I would need for the front since it doesn’t seem like the normal plastic like on a PS3 or 360 controller.


I would also like to try to paint the buttons, too – since they look like M&Ms. I’ve been hearing about vinyl dye or whatever, but I’m not sure if it’d work on this type of plastic.

I did a search, but couldn’t find anything on this, so sorry if this has been brought up somewhere else before.[/LEFT]

BTW, i’m in the middle of transitioning to stick, so the PDP is a good way to ween yourself off dpad and get used to the arcade style layout and execution without being tempted to drop the stick for pad again lol.

The surface of the PDP marvel pad needs to be taken apart then resurface before its primed and painted.
You have to sand off the old art and have it smooth enough that it not look like anus when you re-paint it

I do not recommend painting this if this your first paint job as I don’t think you be happy with the results.

Blah. Figured it’d be more work than needed. I’ll just buy the black one and give this to my girlfriend since she might actually get into SF with this pad (she’s used it and actually did quite well for a beginner). I’ve taken the PDP apart before, but I have no idea how’d you sand the art off. Does the plastic overlay come off somehow? Hmm, I’ll have to look again.

I believe its sort of like a decal and will peel off. I’m not sure how easy it would be to remove though. I have used vinyl dye numerous times with no issues. Just stay away from the colors that say gloss in the title and try to go with vht or plasti-kote

For pure shits and giggles, I’ll try painting it anyways. I mean, it was only $20 lol. I can’t make it any uglier than it is.

As far the art goes, I don’t believe it’s a decal, I think it’s just part of the plastic. When I initially took it apart (to make sure I could piece it back together given my notorious history for being not able to put stuff back the way it came LOL… see my Nintendo handheld graveyard…), it just seemed like part of the shell on the front half. I’ll paint over it and report the results.

I was looking to paint it silver. I want red and black buttons, but I’ll see how my first paint job goes lol.

if you go to a auto repair shop, like a NAPA or something, they sell a spray paint that adheres to plastics for dashes…it essentially slightly melts the plastic for the paint to stick. seen modders use it for stock 360 pads. SEM also makes a plastic adhesion promoter, then you can use whatever paint afterwards. hope that helps…

It is a decal wrap, probably using an IML process (in mold label), so you won’t be able to rip it off. Most decals used at production level aren’t something that you can easily rip off, especially if it goes on molded plastic.

My suggestion to you would be to vinyl dye it.

Ok, I’ll try the vinyl dye method next week when I get paid. Any specific brand that’s suggested over others or just pick up anything??