Painting the TE bezel

I want to paint the ugly red bezel around the art to black. Is vinyl dye the way to go? I saw the SE paint thread, but there weren’t any real pics or info on painting the TE bezel. Anyone with any tips to keep it smooth and even?

I too would be interested in knowing this

vinyl dye is the best way to go, there is couple ppl posted their outcome in the template thread already

Vinyl dye. It will look better than paint and is easier to apply. Just follow the instructions. Don’t glob it on. It is hard to screw it up, especially compared to paint.

just paint it

How can you mess with the TE stick man!? haha well if you do, show us after you are finished. I might be interested.

if you are going to paint it, this is from my howto thread

Yea I messed this up. I used vinyl dye. Is sanding and repainting an option or do you think the plastic will get too scratched. It’s not bad. Just not perfect.

Could you post a pic?

i used spray paint designed for use on plastic on mine…painted it black

krylon fusion

nice shiny finish, it doesnt even look like spraypaint
looks like black plastic

the trick is to spray it lightly for several coats and let it dry completely each coat

anyone have pics of their work?

I used Plastikote Vinyl Dye on mine, the only reason why I messed up mine was because I put the bezel flat on some newspapers instead of propping it up with paper clips. Despite having some newspaper bits pasted onto it it looks great!

I really want to do this, but I’m worried that the paint on the bottom of the bezel will smear or be rubbed off by my arms through a lot of play over time.

Assuming I do the painting correctly (multiple coats, allow it to dry correctly), and use Krylon Fusion as suggested, is this a valid concern? Anyone have any experience with it? I don’t want to ruin the bezel…

i used this stuff and it came out great. checkers and napa carry it. its for car plastics.