Pair Play


Because the game is coming out next year, i figured it would be best to request this feature now. Combos, based off the initial gameplay trailer, involve your partner tag canceling. However deep tag canceled combos will get may change during development, but so far it looks like the partner gets to chain for a small period of time.

Pair play is a feature that allows four players to fight against each other. Two per team. I think this would be a fun option because it encourages teamwork.


I agree, Tekken Tag always has this as an option in the series.
I’m not saying it should be the tournament standard, but IT IS a selling point towards potential mainstream buyers and not too mention, it’s just fun.


That shit should be in any fighting game to be honest, tag system or not.
Being able to play with your scrubby friends and having fun, instead of destroying them for 15 minutes and then playing something else would be a nice addition to any fighter if you ask me.


This is a good point. Offline and online pair play would be a great way to teach casuals about the game instead of straight up beating their ass. It would also take the pressure off of learning two characters at once.


This would be so fun, please add it!


I’ve always loved this since it was in MvC1 as a mod


I like it in the MvC port for Dreamcast and would love it here. Anyone at Capcom Unity bringing this up?


I mean don’t get me wrong, I doubt that many people would make use of this but having a lot of modes is never a bad thing in a fighter even though the competitive community won’t give shit about them, but thinking back when I was playing Tekken 3, I’d go through all of those stupid modes, unlock everything and only got mildly competitive when I saw that a couple of my friends had Tekken 3 winner stays on sessions on the weekends, which led me to trying to learn the game with a Prima guide xD.

The abundance of modes and unlockables alone is what’s gonna make casual players tell their friends that this game rocks n shit, and I feel like pair play is not only a gimmick but enriches the game.
Hope they put in a ton of modes and unlockables and make it a game that appeals to all gaming crowds.


As an added feature to the game I wouldn’t be opposed to this idea. Players with similar playing styles can make a lot of noise being on the same page all the time, and it would be interesting to see what kinds of combinations grow from it.


SFxT had this option both offline and online, it would be at least weird for Capcom to not add this once more, especially since MVCI is 2vs2 instead of MVC3’s 3vs3


Why not. I mean, if KoFXIV can have 6v6 online…


Dreamcast port of MvC1 has pair play. It’s a feature the series had before.


Something like this was in Street Fighter x Tekken. I’d love to see it again for Marvel, specially since they are making a push to be more casual and open ended for casual fans… I knew so many people 3 weeks after the launch of Vanilla who sold and quit the game and never returned because of the learning curve and online being so unforgiving, (It’s okay by me tbh). But then they had already beat arcade mode and unlocked the vanilla unlockables and had nothing left to do, being too scared to play online. Hoping more modes and a deep story mode is in to help casuals stick around and eventually stay for the long haul. (For me, training and mission mode was enough, but more is always better right?)


It would amazing to see Duo Team Attack make a return. That way, both players control both characters and mixups similar to that of Cross Assault can be achieved.


To paraphrase @NickRocks

2017 FGC will not be ready for the salt that Duo’s will create.


the crying about duos would be legendary


My body is ready for Marvel vs. Capcom: Dou-finites: New Age of Salt.


Pair Play should be the name of a lesbian foot porno.



Tag play would be a massive selling point.


I agree. Would love 2v2 4 players. But not just tag… how about 4 characters at same time on screen like SFXT? 2 share a common metre.

Unlike in SFxT where in simultaneous 2v2, projectile people used to win, here people can use teleports and all sorts of things to stop zoners which were OP in SFxT 2v2.