Sup SRK! I made a little fighting game Pajamorama that is coming out on XBox Live Indie Games the end of August. It’s a smash-style fighter with online multiplayer and everything. From the description:


More info:

I entered it in a contest called the Indie Game Summer Uprising, I need everyone to go vote for Pajamorama so that I can put “Award Winning Game Designer” on my business cards :wink:

Now I know SRK usually isn’t fans of smash-style fighters, but this game is really fun, has online multiplayer like I said, and will only be 80 points when it comes out. That’s like less than a dollar, the boob physics alone are worth the price of admission.

Thanks for checking out Pajamorama and voting. Cheers!

Could you please give evidence to back up those outrageous claims

Sure…“crunchy” just means a game feels fast and solid, as opposed to slow or floaty. I did a bunch of playtesting to refine the gameplay and tear out anything that got soggy in milk.

“minty fresh” just means the combo engine has a bunch of tweaks to make it more accessible. The players input is parsed out into moves if they are doing an attack and put in a queue. It stores all the moves, not just the next one like most fighting games, so the timing on combos is much more lenient. After the attack hits and enters the recovery state, it looks through the queue for the next move to execute. Most fighting games if the current attack doesn’t cancel into the next attack, the combo ends. Pajamorama combo engine will ignore any attacks that can’t be cancelled and search through the queue for the next cancellable attack. I had a bunch of people who dont play fighting games try it out, and they all really liked how easy it is to do combos.


Reminds me of this:

no offense

available on

I’ll probably be on there tonight if anyone wants to play some multiplayer :slight_smile: