Pakistan Bans Encryption

This is pretty much a death sentence for most of their businesses.

who in their right mind would allow them to outsource anything now, considering ALL data will be monitored by the government? Credit Card info? Fuck that nonsense.

Why do people who have no fucking clue how the internet or networks work, try to make laws about it?

not to mention any outsourced pakistani developers wouldn’t be able to access any source code, as i’ve never worked at a place that didn’t require VPN connection to hit up the source control server while working from home.

and lol at their reasoning being because websites dissed their prophet. as if the world needed any more reasons why the three desert dogma religions of islam, christianity and judaism are utterly retarded, archaic, and barbaric.

their choice though

exactly. I’m already reading about countries pulling support out, because they can’t trust a single fucking thing, now that nothing transmits encrypted.

No crypto allowed in Pakistan? Yeah, their country is economically fucked.

while we’re on this topic of economically fucked countries, which one is next on the list?

in what universe could something like this be considered a good idea…

A toast to human stupidity. Muslim countries: heels planted firmly in the stone age, doing their best to drag the civilized world back with them.

why would they do that to their own economy…

Sigh…I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

What a fucking joke. They need to read Internet basics 101.

Ain’t gonna happen. Neither Allah nor Muhammed are mentioned, so it’s probably “haram” reading material.

I lol’d reading that :rofl:

seriously Pakistan you mad

Anyone needing a VPN can get special permission, in other words, fat cat politicians are gonna get their pockets lined with some cash thanks to this.

Yet another fundamentalist technology fumble. What are the odds?

i doubt this will last , im sure sooner or later they will realise their country is fucked if they keep this in place .

Pakistan is godlike. I never could figure out how to go about shutting the internet but damn, that’s is a mad clever way of messing whole structure. My mind = implosions and exlposions.

To take out the web you would need to take out the central DNS root name servers. And people have tried.

That’s why this one is clever. Is done by the legislature from a very strange angle that takes away a lot of the power of working over the internet. It’s incredibly smart for being so god damn devilish.