PAL brawl to receive bugfixes + better netplay (in swedish)
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so does this mean that the PAL version will become the standard?

LOL of course not. It means once again PAL players are screwed out of playing the same version of the game everyone else is playing.


what about the “better netplay” and “bug fixes”

PAL version of Melee also had bug fixes and the like. Did it become the standard?

There’s your answer.

does this mean that somewhere down the line there will be an updated NTSC version with bug fixes?

If they try to play anyone from the U.S. it’s going to be laggy as all hell. I don’t think the NTSC version will have a bug fix, and it’s exclusively for the Europeans (damn it damn it damn it).

meh, netplay seems very smooth. impressively smooth even, especially for such a hectic 4 player game.
I guess it isnt much of an issue.

When you’re playing with friends it’s flawless, but Basic brawl is just…uhhhhh.

Id like to see them at LEAST have some sort of downloadable upgrade for online. like, during say, basic brawl, there could be a little notice that someone on your buddy list is seeking a brawl or something so I can confidently say “fuck these random people” and leave to actually have quality matches.
its nintendo.
it will never happen.

pal wasnt really bug fixes.

i guess you could look at it like that… but mostly it was just changes. marths dair became a meteor so it could be meteor cancelled… that was really nerfed. fox and falco and marth and sheik were all lighter if im not mistaken. sheiks dthrow could be DIed more. I’m sure there were more differences… but it was pretty subtle and shit.

The Peach D-Smash also got ganked from what I remember. Also, Zelda’s Smashes couldn’t be DI’ed out of (which is back in Brawl…what the fuck?).

Not sure how to take this news. Does this really mean I won’t be able to play people in the US?

I guess a less buggy game with better netplay makes up for not being able to play against people I probablyy wouldn’t have been able to anyway.

Mario Kart seems to work fine online, so Brawl better match that.

And it’s coming June 27th.

thats nintendo for you

Flawless my ass. Input lag is a big bitch.

Ok, so day 1, the lag is awful. The best I’ve had was just about playable. Hope it smoothens out, because I can actually beat people at this.

It doesn’t smooth out.


I forget, is the Wii region free? And if so does that mean we could get the PAL version for improved netplay? Would be worth it to me.