PAL GC (or any other console) on NTSC TV?

So heres my problem, I’ve got a PAL Gamecube from when I was living in England and I’ve got an NSTC TV. Is there any way that I can get the two to work together? Lag really isn’t an issue because the only game I’m going to be playing on it is Twin Snakes and strict timing really isn’t much of a factor in that game.


Some modchips do that. I had a Qoob chip and I think it supported that option.

You could buy an NTSC gamecube and one of these

so you won’t have to go out and rebuy all your games.

Or find a TV that supports PAL signals.

Or you could buy a scart to vga adapter and play your Gamecube on a monitor. A good scart to VGA adapter is cheaper than a PAL to NTSC one and will provide better image quality.

Or if the only game you care about playing is Twin Snakes, then I would say you can probably find an NTSC Gamecube and the game for $50, so that option might be best.

Thanks for the input guys…now I just need to weigh up my options and go with the best route.

In case you didn’t know, Nintendo removed the connector for component video back in 2004. So, if that’s important to you, you might have to get a used system and check for it.