PAL region Ps2 games

anyone here familiar with ToxicOS .41?

trying to play a PAL game on a regular tv, my ps2 runs the game just fine but i dont know how to fix the video. i know its possible to use some kind of video fix built into toxic but ive never messed with PAL games before so never figured it out.

kinda impatient right now so instead of trial and error i figured id ask you negros. anyone?

Since you live in the US, you have a NTSC tv. NTSC tvs can’t play PAL encoding unless the tv has a decoder for it.

i thought the dms4 or toxic had a force ntsc for the pal games?

so the only way to play pal in us is if you have a special tv.

another reason europe can kiss meh ass

except ireland, green pride babeh

Oh, I don’t know anything about the DMS4 or Toxic. Maybe someone else will chime in on that =P

people see the word PAL in the topic and theyre like fuck that

is it stable and just black and white?

no its unstable and black and white

sounds like your tv wont support pal

You can always make an image of the game and try patching it using this: