Palette Database

I recently accidentally deleted a couple of bookmarks. One of them was to an animated 3s sprite database where you could put each character into each palette color, and then you could select moves for them to do, and it would execute them. The setup was quite nice looking, black background if I remember correctly.

I’ve had no luck finding it, but I found the link here on SRK, and it is a 3s related so I thought one of you might have the link.

That one?

Thanks its what I was looking for.

Quick question. You know those extra colors you get by holding Start and pressing one of six buttons in the home versions of Third Strike? Are those colors available in the arcade version? If so, how do you access them?

No they’re not.

So, bumped a new topic and got me wondering what was that. Really wanted it, but of course, link is dead.

Anyone got a fresh link?