Palette Suggestion Thread



I still haven’t got the yay or nay on flashing color effects.


1). +1 on Buggy the Clown from One Piece. Because he have detachable body parts.


2). Nami from One Piece. Because she is Cat Burglar and outfits are somewhat similair. And I am One Piece fan. Whaddya know.


3). Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! Because she is female headless rider AND there are cat ears on her helm! If she’s not fiting cosplay for Forty, I honestly dont know who is.



As far as I know, we can’t do that.


One of those funky rainbow sprites and a color map file for each character would be awesome. I remember finding the color maps in the sprite rips of BlazBlue and it was a lot of fun figuring out how they worked and making my own stuff.

Also, more original colors would be welcome, instead of more “I want a <obscure anime character #77295> palette for Filia!”


I’m not sure how much they can change regarding individual body parts, but a Flandre palette would look AWESOME on Peacock:


The eyes on her arms colored like her wings. I think it would look pretty cool.


Uchinan (i’m butchering his name) said the eyes can’t be colored individual a while back.


I guess I’ll throw one in for Parasoul.

Maria Renard, SOTN:



Damn, such a shame… it could look incredible.

But oh well. At least we’ll have tons of other awesome colors.


Callie from Swat Kats for a Ms. Fortune Palette.


Oblina from Ahh! Real Monsters for Squiggly.

-Tha Hindu


Get us the templates and then it will allow for people to only suggest things which actually work.

I cannae wait cap’n!


Sentinel alt for Peacock.


Next color map better not be uploaded as a jpeg or posted on this forum as a jpeg.

Edit: is it working now?


Is there supposed to be a picture there? All I see is an error message where a picture should be.


Seems like a great idea.


Scratch that, MANGO Sentinel alt for Peacock.


Pea-freakin’-Cock? O_o
Sounds kinky =]


yeah there should be a picture there(and yes i did see the picture even before the edit).

edit:link in case you still can’t see it


Looks kinda weird (the legs).


yeah i’m not done. I was in the middle of basing it off one of my chun li edits for 3s. and i painted the arms red and got another idea.