Palette Suggestion Thread


I like it, but any chance you could get Alex to release the colour map version? It would make it a lot easier for us peons to edit it that way.

I think this should be a competition that you could hold on the main Skullgirls site and run it through all the channels, like here, dustloop, facebook etc etc to see who can come up with a good colour combo. You should stress the point of making original colours though, but i don’t think that’ll stop some people from creating some reference colours anyway.


Looking into the contest now… may start it in mid-October, if we get the go-ahead from Autumn’s legal department.

Even if it doesn’t happen, I’ll get some templates for people to play with in the thread!

I’ll talk to Brian and figure out what’s easiest, but I’d imagine it would, in fact, be a color map.


One of these for each character will be sufficient:


If you’re thinking official contests, I propose a second category in addition to the palette ideas: original fanart


Just throwing this out there since it was the most popular suggestion I had.

Might go back and just make the entire upper garment red now that I think about it…



^Is that a Yukiko palette?



Kill yourself.


Purple, for everyone.



Is it an original?



Clever, but you forgot to make the glasses red/orange/yellow (can’t tell). I’ll see if I can think up some interesting original palettes or color one that was suggested already.


… Ok I will bite. Abe from Oddworld Squiggly. I am also going to repeat myself and say dr. nefarious Peacock


Needed to get this out of my system.



I still haven’t got the yay or nay on flashing color effects.


1). +1 on Buggy the Clown from One Piece. Because he have detachable body parts.


2). Nami from One Piece. Because she is Cat Burglar and outfits are somewhat similair. And I am One Piece fan. Whaddya know.


3). Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! Because she is female headless rider AND there are cat ears on her helm! If she’s not fiting cosplay for Forty, I honestly dont know who is.



As far as I know, we can’t do that.


One of those funky rainbow sprites and a color map file for each character would be awesome. I remember finding the color maps in the sprite rips of BlazBlue and it was a lot of fun figuring out how they worked and making my own stuff.

Also, more original colors would be welcome, instead of more “I want a <obscure anime character #77295> palette for Filia!”


I’m not sure how much they can change regarding individual body parts, but a Flandre palette would look AWESOME on Peacock:


The eyes on her arms colored like her wings. I think it would look pretty cool.


Uchinan (i’m butchering his name) said the eyes can’t be colored individual a while back.


I guess I’ll throw one in for Parasoul.

Maria Renard, SOTN:



Damn, such a shame… it could look incredible.

But oh well. At least we’ll have tons of other awesome colors.