Pallete editing - Street fighter champion edition - hadowken!

Hi I’m doing a street fighter champion edition hack … I found Dracon’s notes, which made a hack called “sheng Long hack” and “punishment” are the versions that he released.

Well I’m doing what I can with the notes that he left inside the roms … and my question and the following:

Dracon says that in 2442C of rom 22 (if street fighter roms 21,22 and 23) this is the palette of the colors of the “hadowken” and ok, based on his notes and with some attempts and errors I got some changes in the colors of the hadownken … well I get gray, yellow and green …

                            F9 0F F6 0F B0 0F 80 0F 50 0E -> gold

80 0F 50 0E FF 0C F9 0F F6 0F B0 0F 20 0F 30 0E 6C 00 00 00 00 00 -> complete line
F9 0F F6 0F B0 0F 20 0F 30 0F -> yelow
EF 0D CD 0B AB 09 89 07 67 05 -> hadoken gray
CF 08 AF 06 8F 04 6F 02 4F 00 -> blue
F9 09 E6 06 D4 04 C3 03 A2 02 -> green

And it really works !!! but would like to understand how to get new colors, of course someone could measure any tips !!! How to work the colors of CPS1 and 2 boards??? thanks!!! ; )

and here the code…

sorry fora double post…