PalMod Patch error?

Hey everyone. I’m new at this whole customizing thing but I’m really excited about it and have been putting a lot of time into it. I’m currently doing my first custom MVC2 game and am having some trouble with Palmod.

I’ve been following this:

Can someone walk me through into what exactly I’m doing wrong?

I get confused here:

Once you have your character files copied it’s now time to begin editing colors.

Load up the character file within PalMod and click preview to be able to view your changes as you work.

The only thing I can manage to read is the disc in the drive. I can’t read any copied files or anything otherwise. With the disc loaded into Palmod, I can change some colors around and seemingly do what I’m supposed to. But when I click “Patch” it just says “error 0 of 1 could not be patched” or whatever amount I have customized.

What exactly am I supposed to do? Any help is appreciated.

you can’t write to a read only file. You have to explore the contents of the disc. Copy the contents of the disc into a folder. Then use palmod to edit those files. Once your done with that you are ready to make a new cd image with the the contents you copied to the folder and edited.

Okay I got that. Now specfically, what parts do I copy? I get confused when it says in the guide to copy everything but the dummy file. I do that, and I still can’t load.

Following the guide, I make a selfboot folder with a data folder inside. That data folder contains everything but the dummy file. But here, I cannot load the directory of the game within Palmod. I try loading the actual selfboot folder and then the data folder. Neither work. The only thing that does work is if I “Load Directory>MVC2(USA)(DC)>MVC2_Remix (D:)” Which is just the actual CD.

I dont know what the problem is then. Sorry.