Palms that won't reach

I’ve been playing with yun for a while now, and the only thing I can’t seem to do consistently is to get the palms to hit in the corner. I’ve often wondered if it’s the jab or fierce palm when peopl list the gj combos. Do they do kara palm (strongxxshortxx jab + palm) all the time? I need some advice on how to get the palms to land every time. Am I doing it too soon? Do I need to wait for the jugglee to be lower? I’m tired of doing the easy fierces!

it doesn’t matter which version of the palm you use (lp, mp or hp is all the same). and no, you don’t need to kara palm. it’s probably just that you do it too late, thus the opponent is too low and lands before the palm actually hits.

try doing the two f+mk’s quicker, so that the opponent is higher for the palm.

also f+mk x 2, palm doesn’t work on all characters i think (dudley comes into mind)? correct me if i’m wrong on this

I’m pretty sure it works on Dudley.

Chars it doesn’t work on- Yun, Yang, Oro… Am I forgetting anyone?

Then, there’s Alex, Hugo & Q, where you can just do>palm->repeat.

If you really want the palm to connect, I think you can do>>palm.

if you’re gonna do it against alex and hugo you might as well just do RH instead of f+MK. RH, palm. RH, palm.

if it’s against Q just keep palming.

it doesnt work on dudley afaik, i always do f+mk, mp, palm instead of two hops

I was just gonna ask about this because I couldn’t get this on yun.

on yun, yang, and oro, the only other option is standing fierce right?

Is the single hopkick palm method better on characters like alex? Does it do more damage? because i’m sure 2x hop kick palm still works.

and rh, palm, does that do more damage?

last question, when you already have sa3 activated and get them with command throw, I follow up with the dp mk move, then hop kick. What comes next?