Pandora Mode Worthless, Needs Fix


I’ve found that Pandora Mode in general is a pretty worthless mechanic and is not worth sacrificing your character for the vast majority of the time. The biggest problem I have with Pandora Mode is the fact that your meter does not instantly start full after Pandora Mode, rather, you have to actually wait for the gauge to refill; so if you do a combo that takes all of your Cross Gauge and then Pandora Mode you cannot instantly super, which is stupid, it should be fixed so that you instantly have full and infinite meter the instant you go into Pandora Mode… because…

[]You already have a limited time as it is, about 8 seconds of Pandora Mode.
]You can only use Pandora in a neutral state. You cannot use it in the air, cancel it from any move, special move, or Cross Art; limiting its potential even in normal combos.
[]Time does not slow down during your transformation into Pandora Mode, nor does time slow down during Cross Arts, meaning you can actually lose if your Cross Art animation is still going when you run out of Pandora, even if your opponent is currently getting hit and will die from it.
]If you’re betting everything on a Pandora Mode combo, you will have to do it meterless if you want to immediately do their Cross Art afterwards; discouraging you from potentially getting the maximum amount of damage, or being able to Cross Cancel into the character you need and finish the combo because you may not have enough gauge when you initially go into Pandora.
[]If a round exists after the round in which you have used Pandora Mode, you will have no meter left and must start the round dry.
]Once you go into Pandora, unless your opponent is pinned down in the corner, they’re going to do their best to run away from you for the duration of the fight, and even if you get to them and manage to support close to the end of time Pandora is running out; you will lose if your Cross Art does not complete by the time Pandora ends; making it very easy to anti-Pandora just by back dashing knowing that a Cross Art is futile after about 3 seconds.
Honestly, with my team I thought I found some good combos until this happened; now I see it as super worthless. Capcom needs to address this.

Good luck in getting the playerbase wanting a comeback mechanic to get buffs. They would have been better off removing it entirely.

It feels like it has no place in this game. Why would you ever use it? It seems like running away is very easy, especially for just 8 seconds.

Solution for Pandora:

Pandora character’s attacks increase the amount of time you have left. A small increase if the attack whiffs, more if it is blocked, and even more if it hits.

i dont really care if it’s useless. imo fighting games should reward you for winning the match, not reward your opponent for getting hit. on paper, x factor is actually a fairer option than ultras and pandora, seeing as both players get to use it. it’s just a shame that the damage bonus for using it is far too high.

Pandora shouldn’t even have a timer, combining your team’s health should do it. You’re sacrificing a team member for a last ditch effort, that’s loss enough. A timer makes it frustrating. This also bothers me because I quite frankly like how it looks. A badass transformation, the dramatic sacrifice, all of that… For about 8 seconds of chasing somebody most likely laughing at you.

I don’t see it as a reward for losing, more of a desperate lateral strategy.

Pandora should be a ‘holy shit, business just picked up’ moment, but it’s a joke right now. Remove the damn timer.

This is stupid, just so you know. “Should not reward your opponent for getting hit”. Yet X-Factor increases in power/speed boost dependent on how many characters you have killed.

Find a way to use it in a combo…only use

I think thats kind of what Capcom were going for. its not supposed to be like X-factor which determines the outcome of every match.

and thats why a lot of people hate X-factor

I don’t think people care or want Pandora to be useful. X-Factor raped the meta-game of MVC3…I don’t think people want a repeat of the same disaster.

Pandora mode is for time scams and hail marys.

“my comeback mechanic doesn’t work”

lol. stay free, srk

People actually think Pandora mode is supposed to be serious? I thought everyone agreed upon the fact that it was best used to troll when there are less than 8 seconds left and you a significant life lead…

No thanks, the last thing I want to see is Pandora getting used every match.

how bout we just play the damn game

Well, i think the key, is using it in a combo, to do huge damage to come back and win at the end of the match. That would be the only use imo, using it randomly without comboing it would be asking to lose.

Is it bad that I don’t even know how to activate pandora?

and that’s exactly why i said on paper rather than is. they ruined it by making it too powerful. it should’ve just been something like a 25-30% damage boost for 10 marvel seconds, regardless of how many characters you have/have killed. the part they did get right is that it’s available for both players to use at any time in the match that they choose.

or better still, they could’ve just left it out of the game entirely.

I’d like a damn way to deactivate Pandora, if nothing else. Same with the quick combos. Really annoying accidentally activating them.

this is an absolute must. i can’t believe there isn’t an option to turn them off. patch please capcops.