Pandora questions

Whats the best way forJuri to use Pandora so her partner comes in ready to follow up/ combo? Also what are some of Juris best options for when she comes in, in pandora mode? I barely use it and rarely see anyone else using it. Its the main plot point of the game, theres gotta be some sick applications for that last ditch hail mary

Best guaranteed way is with the ex divekick, since the wallbounce allows you to followup with something depending on your partner. At least you can directly link a normal cancel super but this implies you have 2 meters ready. You might want to try to use a move that gives groundbounce, it should give you enough time to refill your super meter during the pandora combo.

Another way to go into pandora is using her jump cancel from c.hp. Hitconfirm your c.hp jc and immediatly enter pandora, you have to cancel your jump into pandora so Juri shouldn’t jump. But there’s a nasty pushback when your partner comes in, it’s tricky to find a combo to continue. You can still link a super with 2 meters ready.

Now about Juri entering pandora, toy with your partner wallbounce move, groundbounce or jump cancel. To give you an idea, I’ve toyed with Asuka and Xiaoyu.

Asuka can wallbounce with ex exorciser (the move that goes under fireballs and looks like a rekka), then I sacrifice Asuka. I’m not sure about the followup with Juri, it’s been months I didn’t touch this game. But something like: c.hp jc j.hp super. If you can’t catch them with c.hp, try to go directly in the air with j.hp and if you are too far for xx super, you can try to instant dive kick > far mp xx super.
I remember that with Xiaoyu it was really tricky to do a followup into super, I had to instant dive kick.

I hope my post doesn’t look too confusing but I can record a video from pc version if you want, but this will mean it won’t be with the latest patch.

I appriciate your help man. Doesnt sound super promising but i at least have a place to start now. I also appriciate the offer to throw up the vid but if its not the latest version i dont know if itll help or not. Couldnt hurt tho I suppose so thats on you if you feel up to it. Again thanks alot

I don’t find EX dive kick a good way to go into pandora because it requires 3 meters and there’s no efficient way to setup an EX dive kick. Only way you’re landing it is as a punish, but if you’re punishing and you don’t have power gems you can probably do more damage with a double/triple switch cancel into a reset or whatever setup. If Juri is low on life and you absolutely need to get your partner in, just end your switch combo with her jc j.hp ground bounce and don’t follow it up with anything, just raw tag during the bounce.

EX Dive Kick is however very good when Juri goes into Pandora. Because during the animation of EX Dive Kick, you build up full meter so can follow up with a free Super. What this means is that you can deal around 700 damage with only 1 bar of meter if your partner has 25% health or less. Now the tricky part is of course finding a setup where you have enough time to land an EX dive kick. The only 2 setups I found so far is after a meaty crumple and with a whiff punish setup.

With Yoshimitsu for example, I can do a meaty HK Poison Breath and if my opponent jumps or presses a button I get a crumple state. Then I just activate pandora and with Juri I have enough time to jump forward EX dive kick, Super. Of course, this only works because the crumple was done as a meaty so Yoshimitsu recovers faster.

The other EX dive kick setup requires a gutsy read. It consists on activating Pandora late on an opponent’s wake up (or whatever) when you think they’re doing to DP xx tag cancel. If they do reversal, then with Juri you can jump forward EX Dive Kick, Super to whiff punish.

Juri has access to a j.hp which causes an untechable ground bounce, this means you can end any combo or anti-air with a Pandora setup for your partner. Corner Pandora setup punish combo: c.hp xx HK Senpusha, c.hp jc j.hp, activate Pandora, Super.

Like boita-carton also pointed out, c.hp can be jump canceled. And just like Ibuki can super jump cancel into Ultra in AE, characters can jump cancel into Pandora in this game. A decent setup for c.hp jc xx Pandora is using it with her c.hp jc reset but this cannot be hit confirmed, so you’re basically making a 50/50 read that they won’t block your reset. With characters like Hugo, Ken, Chun Li, Yoshimitsu and Christie, you can switch cancel and keep the opponent standing long enough to create an ambiguous pushback that makes it hard to know if Juri will cross-up or not. So with Yoshimitsu for example, I do: Windmill xx Switch, then Juri runs in (wait), c.hp jc here j.hp won’t cross-up but will. So you either do j.hp, c.hp jc xx Pandora or, c.hp jc xx Pandora. Of course you should have a partner with a fast Super or EX move that reaches far away to be able to catch them.

imo Pandora is only really good if you have the power gem that activates when you go into pandora and the power gem that activates when you use Super. Otherwise, the damage is pretty underwhelming.

I’m working on some Yoshimitsu videos right now. One of which shows all the Pandora setups I found with Juri.

I finally whiped a video. As someone said, day one stuff :smiley: It’s the outdated PC version, but the stuff I show should be the same except the super damage. There’s no way I can record that from my ps3 with a 4 sec delay.

Check Vulcan Hades much better video too

Excellent work :slight_smile: Think I need to get my ass in on this soon and record something lol.

I just hate my capture card sooooo much, was hoping I could get a better one but… eff it.

Pandora setups (Juri enters pandora) I never sacrifce Juri for pandora. It’s always my partner giving Juri that EXCELLENT POWER!

Anyway Basically to do big damage combos off pandora with Juri starting off you only need 1 bar (I guess also partner specific…I don’t have this weakness) anyway a basic BNB

cr/st/cl. mp or mk> Fuhajin shot> cr/st/cl. mp or mk> H Senpusha> SC> (using King here)> 2 knees> pandora>> Kaisen Dankairaku.

Should total…either soemwhere in the high 500s or low 600s.

Pandora (partner starting, again this could be character specific)

King: Knees x2> Pandora>> Kaisen Dankairaku. dmg is in the 600s.

Juri can deal some heavy dmg for 1 bar off her AA combo. 700 for JurixKing…700…you need like a simple combo and some pokes…activate pandora…K.O!

This is my Pandora setup for Ryu, which has already been mentioned in an earlier post about the use of jp.HP:

I’m pretty sure it would work in the 2013 patch. Hopefully.

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Shooting Star Rockman”>I’m pretty sure it would work in the 2013 patch. Hopefully. </blockquote>

Not only will it work, but you’ll likely be able to toss in a cr.hp xx CADC forward dash > cr.hp xx super instead of just raw super due to the incoming character appearing in the same spot that pandora was activated from.

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Darkphyre”><blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Shooting Star Rockman”>I’m pretty sure it would work in the 2013 patch. Hopefully. </blockquote>

Not only will it work, but you’ll likely be able to toss in a cr.hp xx CADC forward dash > cr.hp xx super instead of just raw super due to the incoming character appearing in the same spot that pandora was activated from.</blockquote>

Now you have given me an idea. Dang, that thing didn’t even occur to me. I was actually thinking of a possible EX Joudan combo instead with the distance issues to be removed on 2013. XD

I don’t think that works since Juggle potential doesn’t reset when you activate pandora or Cross assault.

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“FengShuiEnergy”>I don’t think that works since Juggle potential doesn’t reset when you activate pandora or Cross assault.</blockquote>

More likely it won’t work. I attempted this Pandora setup in the corner so that Ryu will remain within the target’s reach and EX Joudan did whiff. Very disappointing, really. But now Darkphyre provided an actually feasible combo, I might give that a shot provided that the combo’s not badly scaled at the point of Pandora activation.

Honestly you’re better off sacrificing Ryu if you’re going for a Pandora setup. Juri excels and benefits much more then Ryu does.

I want a setup available for both of them to cover varying situations. I am thinking of one for Juri but I don’t know if it will work. For now, the only move Ryu has for me to setup a Pandora is EX Joudan, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to extend Juri’s combos instead of just using a super right away.

Since we’re at it, is it possible for Juri to catch a wallbounced opponent with cr.HP, which is impossible to do in 1.06? Maybe I should start from there once 2013 hits the PC.

Probably not. In that situation xx Ex Joudan>pandora>> Kaisen Dankairaku is your best bet. Throow on some power gems…yeah you’ll be doing ridculious damage.

Damn…Kaisen Dankairaku is so damn fast that…Juri can do a pandora setup for herslef preform her SA, if her opponent raw tags she still has enough time to to>cl.hp> Kaisen Dankairaku again just as pandora ends dealing over 500 easily…to able to land TWO SA’s during pandora mode before time runs out? YES PLEASE!