Pandora : Stupid idea, or genius?


you got seconds for a comeback, would it be enough to win or putting this feature in is just pointless

Worst Feature?

It’s genius because it’s useless.


It is a very unique feature useful to players who are skilled/experienced enough to fully utilize it.
Personally, I’m not one of those players.


In what way can someone use it? Do you mean that it’s like a ‘resign’ option? Because I have never, ever lost to someone who activated pandora. When my opponent does it, my immediate thought is ‘oh good, he gave up.’

In answer to the question, I’m not sure if stupid is the word. It’s a bit of a mystery to me why they left it in the game at all.


Personally they could remove it and I wouldn’t care.

Actually, scratch that, I’d be happy. :-p


Pandora extend gem getting slept on…


The concept of Pandora was foolish at the very least. I rarely see people use Pandora - if anything, this could actually be a parody of comeback mechanics, utilized to make fun of X-Factor, Rage, or other outright comebacks. Hmmm… Then again, maybe Pandora was a genius idea, meant for players to… “earn” their comebacks which I am a firm believer of. Pandora is just weird. Under normal circumstances, people would probably use this in a combo, wall/ground bounce, or if the opponent is in a crumple state. If the last one is the case, the player will just end up using a Super Art (one that does not take up a ludicrous amount of time), and finish the opponent off. I’ve yet to see this happen in my little online adventures, so…


Seeing as how all you have to do is run away from someone with Pandora for a bit (and also assuming that someone who has activated it is already way behind in the match)…yeah. I really don’t see how it can be all that helpful in really any situation.


What’s up Dawg. I see you!


pandora was a homo-genius idea, however the idea for this thread was stupid


It still sucks.


Seriously, with the right gem setup and strategy, Pandora can be deadly.


Let’s just say that it is up to the player to figure out strategies. People could actually be pissed about the fact that Pandora is the way it is because… it is not X-Factor - that which I am happy about.


That makes two of us.

I’m not completely against Pandora. I’m just really fearful of the whining (which is now the opposite of what it was when Pandora was announced and every cried "comeback mechanics again? NOOOOOO) turning it into another X-Factor. I’m… really not a fan of that mechanic.

The Pandora Extend gem can alleviate this somewhat without turning it into X-Factor, so there is that.


I’ve yet to find any real use of Pandora. Most people on the threaded discussions refer to this as if it were a “last second reversal” which theoretically sounds so much better than a literal comeback mechanic. I am pretty indifferent about the whole, though I am sure that this Pandora thing has it uses - The Pandora Extend takes a lot of space… so that there is only one slot left for one gem, thus still making Pandora impractical. Part of the reason I like the game is because it does not cater so much towards the loser in the worse way, and the meter is set up so that it pay to be offensive. OR… maybe the Pandora is meant specifically for matches where both player of EQUAL skill are involved - should they kick each others asses badly with both characters having half or little health left? One of the players will catch each other off guard with a combo, crumple, or wall/ground bounce and the use Pandora to finish the match quickly. So, this time around - unlike the X-Factor nonsense, it will probably require good skill and viable execution to make your “comeback” work. These are my thoughts as of now…


Pandora has potential but its use limitations make it a bit hard to base strategies on. You essentially have to base entire gem and character set-ups on a gamble that you will get your ass handed to you. I think more people will see just how effective it can be in the right situation.

900 damage punishes? 600 damage combos easy? extensions to 800+ mid combo? I can see the potential, sure.


Good points. I’m definitely okay with that. If someone actually can set up a Pandora kill for a comeback, then that would be interesting to see.


I can’t believe they released it in the state they did, utterly pointless.


Not sure if it’s either but it’s just another card in the deck.

It’s not mandatory. It’s just there when you need to kick start something huge in your last stand.


this. even with the extend on it’s easy to just run away :slight_smile: