Pandora Usage Discussion

Apologies if this has been covered anywhere else.

Is Pandora of any use whatsoever? Can it be combod into? Is the clock too short upon activation? Has anybody seen anybody use this mechanic online to any great success? Is it just to run down the clock when you have a life lead with 7 secs remaining in the round?

Id like to think Capcom didnt just add this without any thought or application but i have feeling this just might be the most useless addition in a fighting game ever.

Please discuss.

It can be combo’d into on wallbounces (And groundbounces?) but the timing’s tight. I’ve not seen it used sucessfully once yet though.

It does seem fruitless at this stage but it’s early yet.

I think it can be comboed into even without bounces ( not 100% sure ), its pretty much a combo extender to finish the opponent off. Also should equip the +30% power gem on pandora if you have a combo for it!

give it time, nobody knows how to play yet. i’m sure that pandora stuff will pop up soon enough.

There will probably be all sorts of dumb pandora setups in the future.


It seems pretty tacked on at the moment. I bet there are applications for it but it just seems very limited ones.

in a world with 30% stat boosts activates when pandora activates stat boosts its like a pick your super crack (speed/power/defense)

if only gems were just for stat boosts and not all the automatic bullshit… sigh…

Have Pandora mode add Pandora time with each attack.

Whiffed normal= .5 times its animation

Whiffed special= 1 times its animation

Attack blocked= 1.5 time its animation

Attack hit= 2 times its animation

Pandora’s fine in my opinion,It’s only purpose is for combos not for comebacks atm which is fine by me.

King’s st. LK, st. MK, st. HK xx EX Convict Kick loop in Pandora can deal a good 40 - to 50% in 8 seconds

Best way to use Pandora is to forget about doing it and mount a real comeback with skill.

When the PC version hits, someone should mod it so when you use Pandora your character puts a gun in their mouth and your partner goes into depresstion rage before ending themself…

or is that too dark? I like my dark salt.

situationally you can do jab>pandora>combo of your choosing

There’s a positional requirement too because the second character coming in stands in a position further behind where the first character was sacrificed. It’s a really odd decision.