Panel listing/schedule?


Tried looking around, can’t find any information on them.


The EVO android/ios app has literally the entire schedule of panels, pools, where to eat, etc.
Just google like “evo 2012 app” and you’ll find it.


Yet I do not have either an android or ios phone

Yes, you can be shocked now.


Hope this helps.

July 6

12:00 PM
The Level Up Experience
Team Level Up, a group of grassroots competitive gamers, will discuss how they’ve turned their passion of gaming into some of the most popular fighting game events in the world including Wednesday Night Fights, The Runback and SoCal Regionals.

2:00 PM
Capcom: The Year Ahead
Producers Tomoaki Ayano, Ryoto Nitsuma, and Derek Neal will be on hand to discuss what the future holds for Capcom’s fighting game franchises. New details will be revealed for the console version of Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as the new PlayStation Vita game releasing this fall. There will also be discussion about the upcoming Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament series and a few other surprises!

4:00 PM
UltraChenTV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Breakdown
David Graham and James Chen take their weekly podcast show to Evo. David, James, and their guest will breakdown the tricks and tactics of high level Marvel vs. Capcom 3 play.

6:00 PM
More Than a Game Documentary Screening
More Than a Game is a celebration of Street Fighter, the game and legacy. The documentary film gives a glimpse of the past and present states of the FGC and chronicles the events leading up to Evo 2011.

July 7

10:00 AM
Indie Game Development
Developers from the Evo 2012 Indie Showcase will discuss their experiences in founding their own game companies and pursuing their dreams. Be sure to check this out if you’re considering a career in the games industry.

2:00 PM
SuperBot Entertainment: Here Comes A New Challenger!
SuperBot Entertainemnt will be showing off heir new game, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, at EVO2012! Omar Kendall, Edward Ma, Paul Edwards, Tommy Ho, Artavan Mkhikian, and Daniel Maniago will be giving a detailed rundown on the technical aspects of the game engine as well as answer any questions that players might have. Join us for the inside scoop!

4:00 PM
Maximilian’s 'ASSIST ME! feat. Cast & Crew
Max himself will dive into some more elements on what makes Assist Me! possible, and share the team’s goals for expanding the fighting game community. There will also be a sneak preview of the next episode of Assist Me!, exclusive to Evo weekend! This is your chance to ask the cast your questions and maybe score some free swag.

6:00 PM
Covering the Fighting Game Scene in Film and Digital Media
Come hear what these documentary film directors and digital content producers have to say about covering the culture and passion of the fighting game scene worldwide.


That definitely does help, thanks.


Anyone got a real schedule of when the different games are played etc? You cant be serious about it only being on the Iphone stuff.


Found it.