the finished panel from before, with the last few details:

and another one, that’s almost done. i just need to find a good way to render metal:

let me know.

makes me want to start drawing…great job man:D

ok… this looks like it’s building up to something good. Love your attention to detail and the nice inks.

got a few nitpicks that I feel is keeping this from being truly great.

  • the crack seems a bit weird… did you have a reference? it’s ok, I just think it’s not quite there for me.

  • the hand on the doorknob feels strange for 2 reasons. (1) I don’t think people hold doorknobs like that. (2) The thumb cannot wrap around the doorknob at that angle when the rest of the hand & fingers are in the position portrayed.

  • doorknob looks too new in comparison with the rest of the house - maybe ding/scratch it a little?

ok, I’m done ranting. this is great stuff you’re doing :slight_smile:

you know i still dont really like your work, but i have noticed your getting better in every post. i think you have potential but that said you need to seriously look at anatomy and shot set ups. your work always looks flat with no sense of depth and your styles a bit generic but i think you can find your voice.

SETH: thanks, appreciate it.

ROOK: thanks for the crits. the window crack was done without reference, so i definitely see what you mean there. i don’t know if this’ll help but that big space in the middle of the crack is supposed to be empty, do you know what i mean? the hand on the knob i did reference, but not with a doorknob, so you may be right. i used my hand on a paperweight, so that might be the reason it isn’t how people hold doorknobs. i guess i wasn’t paying close enough attention to WHAT he was holding, only that he was holding it. as for the thumb, i saw that after i inked it. it looked right in the pencils, but immeadiately after i noticed that. and i also agree about the doorknob, i just haven’t found a good way of rendering metal yet, so i didn’t work on it yet. thanks a lot for the crits, i appreciate and agree with all of them.

SWEETS: appreciate your honesty. the anatomy i totally agree with, and once i get the money i have a shitload of anatomy books that i’ve ordered, and i need to get back into taking life drawing classes. as for the shot setups, i hope once you see the whole page, that you see why i’ve chosen each shot. i’ve been working with two of my friends that are comic artists on my page layouts. the flatness i think is mainly the result of my inks, but could be just the way i think when i draw, also something i’m trying to work on. as for my style, i completely agree with you. i’ve felt that way for a long time. i’m hoping that more life drawing will help me to find my own voice. thanks again.