Panoramic Photo of Evo 2009 - Can you spot yourself?


Playing a bit of Where’s Waldo here… :slight_smile:

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Nice pic, the crowd looks huge…
I no longer look for Waldo though, im trying to find that ever illusive Evo Pimp


I found myself!!!


i’m in the back somewhere =(


Was this Saturday night?
If so I was out doing something.


You were in the same seat the entire tourney! :cool:


Nah, because the picture doesn’t include the bar.


So many people in one room.


What time was this taken?


Was that why I saw chairs being brought in on Sunday? Lol.


I found myself in like 3 seconds (over by pool 4) SeattleVersus/Team Northwest shirts were great beacons if I had to find someone I knew =D




LOL I saw myself! I’m in the marvel section wit my hat backwards wit my VDO shirt on! To sweeeeeeeet!! N.W.O 4 LIFE BABY!!


i found myself aswell, such a awesome pic


Found myself! Down in front, blue hoodie, red glasses, behind Chris Hu.:smile:


You behave ! :nono:


I played… and I found myself! behind the setup, behind the guy in the black shirt. I’m in my yellow/tan Tommy Hilfiger dress shirt. :lol:


yeah this was saturday night during the sf4 semi’s

found me my girl and my friend, we’re laying down in the very front to the right and looking extremely homo, lol. I still had my yellow ref shirt on too


Yes, I took this pic sat night during one of the breaks of the semi final matches.


lol, i’m at the very left sitting down, right above the third monitor that’s turned off. I’m between 2 fat guys lolol