PANTONE/CMYK/RGB For Controllers

Does there exist somewhere a list of all the official PANTONE/CMYK/RGB values for things like controller buttons, controller colors, etc.?

In other words, the official “color values” for the Green Triangle button on a DualShock controller, or the two purple values on an American SNES controller. You can try to “color pick” them from pictures, but the pictures rarely match what is in real life.

You best bet, head to your local hardware store, and get the sample color swatches used for matching paint color.
than compare to the actual item you like to color match too.

Too too often photographs have a bit of color distortion, and professional photographers are thought composition and light and dark not color accuracy.
Too often photographers are though with color you want bright vivid color with out being overdone, enhanced color means inaccurate colors.
Sadly this goes into every photographic technology (that involves color) film and digital formats, as well as screens
Only high, high end HD CRT screens (not LCD) that are used for Television/ Hollywood grade video editing have true color reproduction. I am talking a 20" HD CRT that cost more than a new 70" 3D HD LCD screen

Will do, and I suggest we all go out and try to accomplish this, that way we can build a repository of the information here. If everyone works on it we can get it done in days where as one person would take forever. I’m working on a list that we can all work from and expect to have it up in a day or so.

Just because you have a pantone swatch and have that RGB or CMYK value matched up in photoshop, it doesn’t neccesarily mean that it will print out the right color. You have to buy a printer that is Pantone Calibrated, and licensed, those printers tend to be more expensive. After that make sure it is properly set up with the right color profile. Also the type of paper used can cause the color to shift.

Sure, but I usually take it somewhere to have it printed. If you setup the PDF right, and let the printer know, they can usually set it up right on their end (I have a few friends that work at print shops). The point being, it would be a great thing to have for some of the re-creation style sticks out there.

Sanwa Photoshop Swatch here’s a start at least.

I’m sure some enterprising game geek w/ design skills has set out to do this task. Good luck!

That’s awesome. Definitely on the right track. Too bad I only use Seimitsu buttons! Hah.

Definitely need to get a repository of colors for everything together, buttons, balltops, classic controllers, logos, etc. I understand the printing issue, but if you get at least the color “relationships” right by using the correct initial swatches, it will look better when printed out.

Can someone re-up the sanwa swatch?

Why ask for reupload?
You can still download it.

I swear to god it was down when I tried earlier, working now though.