Panzer Dragoon Returns 2011

Oh happy days this week for gaming officially rocks :rock:

Panzer Dragoon is set to return, coming to the Xbox Kinect

Kinect Gets Its Panzer Dragoon

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sucks they ain’t giving us the option to use it. was nice to hear the title again : )

Definitely will consider buying kinect if this game turns out really well.

SWEET. I loved the last game (Orta?) for XBox, and can’t wait for this game!!! Definitely even more hyped for my Kinect lol :slight_smile:

Orta was slept on HARD, it was just as good as the original IMO. As of right now Child of Eden and MAYBE Dance Central are the only reasons anyone with half a brain should consider buying Kinect.

I enjoyed Zwei but I couldn’t get into Orta after playing Saga. IMO Sega should stay away from the railtrack shooter gameplay and make another RPG. Saga was epic, and superior to its playstation revial FF7 in everyway with expection of the FMV sequences. But to create a quality RPG takes years, and since the Kinect has only been around for a short time I highly doubt Sega will be making an RPG :sad:

So stoked and I was surprised that Microsoft (and developers) are trying to make compelling arguments for serious games on Kinect. We’ll see how it pans out, but I was crazy enough to buy Panzer Dragoon Orta even before I had an XBox. I’m excited–PD fanatic.

I’m really freakin hyped for the the new game!

I was always a huge Panzer Dragoon fan, I played and beat every PD game.

Was hoping that they make another RPG like Saga.

Cheh, as much I love the Panzer Dragoon series, there’s no way I’d buy Kinect to play it. Hopefully there will be an option for playing the games without it.

For Kinect? Man fuck you Sega.