Panzer Fight Stick 3.0 all button (Hitbox) version - Gauging interest


So earlier today I contacted Jasen if his new Panzer Fightstick 3.0 had an all button (Hitbox) version. Unfortunately, he does not. However, he said that if people were to show enough interest (~50 people), he would consider making it. With the way things are now, the official Hitbox company has been extremely unresponsive to emails and taking forever to get an order delivered as well as experience software issues with constant 8-minute timeouts. Personally speaking, my friend had to wait more than 3 weeks for an email reply and when the stick arrived, it was 5 months after the order took place. From what I seen and heard, Jasen makes amazing quality fightsticks and I would be excited to grab a Panzer Fight Stick 3.0 in Hitbox form. Is anyone here also interested?


You may want to find a hitbox forum to post that on with a link or something to Jasen’s email so they can “petition”. I don’t think there’s a lot of you out there though. There’s so few and even fewer in the market for a new hitbox. Good luck tho bro.