Panzerfaust Animation Ideas


Well you guys can probably guess who’s getting my vote for 3rd DLC character :stuck_out_tongue: I’m so excited I decided to sketch out some rough animations!

Anyone else bothered by the fact that the tank is pointing at his own face? Or is that part of a taunt or super: he shoots himself in the face, takes damage, then goes into rage mode?

lol that would be a funny taunt, reminds me of Earthworm Jim.

That last shooting-animation is cool- imagine it as an AA, could push him into the ground a little bit, or push him back and down a bit if it’s just a horizontal attack. Good shit at any rate.

No, picture this. The cannon blasts off backward and his fist goes forward with that force and that speeds up the punch and it goes right into the opponent’s face.

God, I hope he has Clark’s Autoguard SAB from KOF 13.

^Yes! I want him to have a move like that, or his block to look like he’s absorbing the hits instead of trying to block them(even though it still is) would look really badass.

The way I see him is more of a hard-hitting brawler type. Mike Z did mention Victor as a source of inspiration. Panzerfaust may have a command throw but I don’t see that being central to his game plan.

Oh and FYI I updated first post with another vid.


That tank blast shoryuken is so damn hype, send that shit the MikeZ or something.

That would make a cool Shinryuken-like attack, multi hitting and it launches your opponent up past the camera barrier and they fall to the opposite side of the stage.