Papa was a rolling tiger - A Pai thread


I’m opening this thread in hopes that Pai players chime in to explain her.

From what I gather from fighting against her she seems similar to her father: Easy, fast and effective PPPK strings. Good circular moves, etc.

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I practiced Pai’s movelist yestarday looking for a secondary character and WOW. She’s all about speed. Great mixups. The only complication I noticed was that some of her stances are only a few frames long and you can only access some moves from those stances. I might start using her here and there.


also note that going into bokutai from a blocked attack puts you at a huge disadvantage. good players will launch you if they catch you doing that


Trying to get this thread rolling a bit, I’ll post some of my favorite moves of hers.

  1. Her df + P, P, f + P string is a good mixup. It hits low, high and then medium and gives you a chance to get a juggle combo afterwards. It’s very punishable if the last hit is blocked though, so don’t spam it.

  2. Her forward, forward K + G hits medium, looks cool, and is a nice surprise for an opponent.


Can someone explain why I keep getting stuffed by Pai palms at small advantages? I can block a mid kick or something and still get put on my ass online.


Comes out quick, and seems to have good ‘priority’. Possibly can’t be sabaki’d or reversed as it hits with both hands.

I’m kinda missing her step and P, and KPK, but new stuff like the Palm (3P+K), and this 3 hitter which has back-turned options (2P+K, K, P) seem to balance things up a bit. Not sure why they changed low grab from 2P+K+G to just 2 or 3P+G, as before that would give you standing flip-over, and I keep hitting that by accident, and being left lunging downwards lol

Anyhow, I gotta read into this in depth on VFDC now (only downloaded it yesterday), as there’s clearly all sorts of system changes. I played a UK Pai in a mirror last night that did some kinda sick combo off the launchers, where she kinda semi pops back up off the ground to keep getting hit. Using P+K for the bounce from regular 5 seems gone now though, and stances feel way more exposed. P, P, P, 3P+K+G~follow ups seem interesting, don’t recall that before, and something like back-turned 2K+P~P+G seems to actually land a lot cleaner now.


Learn and memorise, and then blitz them down trying to mix it all up… is basically how I play Pai :china:


That and it pushes you out on block. That is what is really annoying about pai palms.

Also the low spin kick into big dumb spinning jump kick is fucking annoying to deal with online


1K, K? Playing vs Pai you should always be looking to anticipate this. Low guard the first part, and then you can grab the second limb if you can do that, or probably interupt it with something fast, or simply block both hits. When you play as Pai, you’ll soon realise she needs pretty much everything she can get, in a game full of really strong and hard hitting guys. She takes damage like, uh, a thin Chinese lady :xeye:


Oh, I know how to deal with it. It’s just annoying when everything is 3-4 frames safer online.


I’m training with Lau and Pai and I love both characters! Actually my main problem is I like all characters (except Goh and Jacky “YEAAAAH” Bryant), but I decided to focus on the Chan family, since some of their moves are similar…anyway what style do you think suits Pai the best? So far I enjoy playing it tricky, using a lot of combinations to poke the opponent and then retreat to mid-range…but I don’t know if that’s the usual tactic with Pai or not. With Lau I tend to stay much closer and more aggressive


Pai needs more trickery stuff than Lau. One of her better tools is that backstep high punch just beyond punch range. She has some stance jankery, but be careful how you jank. Her “elbow” is pretty nice (the jump forward mid kicks) as it covers some ground, evades lows, and is safer than it looks. The double pai palms (back p+k+g or something like that) are nice when you throw them out at slight disadvantage when spaced out a little bit.


Her rising options are pretty good from crouch. P+K, P getting up will beat most things if they press buttons, or it’s reversed by maybe Aoi or Akira. Simple rising kick as well as some oomph behind it. You have the 2,3P+K launcher as well, not as much ‘priority’ but obviously need this for some of the longer combos that flip them back up. If you’re crouching and punching and they’re blocking, trying rising into the 2,6P+G throw. Down and I think 1 or 4 plus P also takes you out the way a bit for a strike, but this move doesn’t seem so fast.

If you’re both sitting there doing 2P, you can try a mid reverse (1P+K) for if they go into a mid hit. The key here is to switch around all the above options during the 3-5 rounds, and not be predictable. The palm move is 3P+K and needs to be used up close to clear some space, as it comes out fast and pushes them back. 4P+K+G takes you into a stance, where you should really hit K+G, P, K to go from high to low, as the PPP option after this stance is really obvious and slow. Not a stance to switch into up close really. Save that for Boktai (3P4), which hits low then if you land the rising P from it, sets up big damage, or you can just sweep with K.

Standing P+K is really good for giving advantage if they’re blocking your high PPP strings. Try coming straight back in with 6P+K, P, or the palm. If they like to G low after your PPP, expecting the low sweep, you can either do a low throw or launch them with 3K+G.


Also I just found out pai’s double palm is +1 on block, so go nuts