Papel Fuerte's Cooking School (In-depth analysis and discussion of El Fuerte)

This is the thread I am working on in order to teach all the fuertes how to better understand their character. I firmly believe that El Fuerte has overall more options in any match, and in almost any situation. On top of the vast amount of options Fuerte has he has an insane execution barrier on top of low health and lack of reliable damage.

I intend to teach everything, from begineer fuerte tactics to the top level fuerte stuff.

Saucier Fuerte play

So you are picking up El Fuerte for the first time?

Tostada Press, aka Splash


*This section was written by *eva02langley.

Tostada press is the move to really understand. It’s something to know the move, but it’s way more important to know when to use it and how to use it.

This first lesson is about situation where your opponent is knocked to the ground and is trying to get up.

Situation 1. Standing or crouching
Tostada press can be used as crossing attacks making your opponent stick to the ground… use it wisely. Cannot be blocked when crouching.

Situation 2. Anti-Air (aka SRK)
Tostada press can be used as a counter crossing attack against most anti-air super-move* WITH GOOD TIMING* (except for some Ex variation). The goal is making your opponent do its anti-air before you cross him with your Tostada press. With pratice, you can land a sure hit at every time. In the worst case you will land at the other side of your opponent safe and ready to go.

p.s. (Don’t use against Dee-Jay Ex Flying kick, and Rufus Ex Snake Strike)

Situation 3. Ultra (Anti-air included)
The Tostada press is not only an annoying move due to it’s supereffective crossing properties, it’s also one of the best way to lure your opponent into a trap and making him do stupid things. This strategy is well effective especially for Ultras. The goal is to make your opponent think you are attacking him on recovery, but your goal is only to lure him to do its Ultra. Eventually, in 90% of the time, he will miss it… the other 10% happens when you miss.

So basically… wait for your opponent to get up, hanabero dash a little before, begin Tostada press in front of him, him doing his Ultra, you crossing over him… and BINGO.

p.s. (Don’t use against Bison Psycho Punisher, Blanka Shout of the sky and El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster)

Situation 4. Forward Dash
Some peoples don’t know, but a dash got an invulnerability time. Good player are using it to counter the Tostada press and land a linking combo. It’s really effective and make you think a little how to overcome it. Well, the answer is simple. You only need to change your timing a little.

BE LATE, run a little late and you got a sure hit. your opponent will stop doing it after 2 or 3 times. If you are still crossing your opponent, use the back dash close to your opponent.

p.s. (All fast and long dashes are dangerous, for example : Cammy forward dash is your biggest threat)

Situation 5. Jumping
The Tostada press is extremely effective against jumping enemies at the first and last third of their jump (middle of the maximum height). It’s highly punishable in every case especially after your opponent is standing up after a knock down.

Stituation 6. Focus Attack
Focus attack are dangerous for you and your opponent. Your opponent, during the recovery of a knock down, could try to trick you with a focus attack. This is easily punishable if you are crossing the focus attack. You only need to immediatly throw another Tostada press toward your opponent to land 2 hits. You can trust me, your opponent need to be able to focus dash cancel at the speed of light to be able to punish you.

p.s. (Only use this technique on peoples getting up! A focus attack should always be counter with a fajita Buster or a Tortilla propeller on a standing opponent!)

Using the walls when you are in corner for a Tostada press is another way to put pressure and surprise your enemy after a knock down. It’s also harder to be hit by small SRK that can lead to disastrous result.

This cover a great deal of the Tostada press used against a knocked down recovery. This is only for one move, just imagine when you put everything else that Fuerte has to offer… [/details]

**Sous Chef Fuerte Play

**Got the basics down, do you?

Run, Stop, Fierce


The Official RSF Thread

Video Tutorial: [media=youtube]9snhwxOArHI[/media]

Tips and Tricks: Go to set to 176, it should help build your rhythm.

**Executive Chef Fuertes

Safe Tortilla a more complex explanation


For the sake of discussion let us assume that your safe tortilla will not be beaten (though it can be legitimately beaten by a raging demon or in a couple other situations)

Fuerte has three main points during the use of his Tortilla throw.

Point A - (QCB + P) El Fuerte starts his Backward Habanero Dash.
Point B - (HP) El Fuerte presses HP and initiates his Tortilla throw.
Point C - El Fuerte lands on his opponent or behind them.

Directly below is a picture of Fuerte and an opponent with the three points labeled.

Above is a statement stating that this is a picture with the three points labeled.

Here is another picture displaying the motion displayed

Now lets discuss a common situation where you would utilize Safe Tortilla.

Picture 1

In this picture we can see that A-B = 1.2s and B-C =1.5s

This is the most common set-up for safe tortilla but since you are not required to be right next to the rising opponent for the tortilla to be safe, the distance between A-C can change, and are not set in stone.

Below is another situation where El Fuerte cannot reach sagats rising body in time but still wishes to use safe tortilla, so due to time restraints (Sagat is rising) Fuerte must now start his backwards Habanero Dash with some space in between him and the rising opponent.
Picture 2

Since the distance between Sagat and El Fuerte has increased the maximum allowable time between points A and B must be lowered. In this situation A-B now must take 0.8s to reach the point to safe tortilla and B-C (the time you hold the joystick forward after reaching B increases) to 1.7s

[COLOR=Black]Now that I have explained how the points are related to each other, lets learn about how they can vary.

Picture 3

Before we assumed point B had a fixed point, where you must hit a fixed distance between a-b in order to reach c but that is not true.

In the above picture you will see that after El Fuerte begins his backwards habanero dash he is able to press HP at any point within the blue rectangle and still preform Safe Tortilla.

Ideally you would want to reach point B at the farthest point possible for a max-range tortilla, that way upon reaching point B and propelling forward you can simply hold the joystick all the way torwards your opponent.

When point B is reached before the maximum safe tortilla range you must hold the joystick forward, but depending on how far you are from your opponent you will need to judge by eye if you need to continue to hold the joystick forward or leave the joystick at its neutral position allowing fuerte to slow his forward momentum and drop on top of his opponent. If you reach Safe Tortilla’s minimum range for A-C and hold the joystick all the way forward you may completely miss your opponent (though you would be safe, it would not be possible to land the tortilla throw, so you are just jumping to the other side of the opponent (Note: doing that strategy is good for switching sides with Blanka and Rufus because you cannot shower kick over them on their wake up.)



Can I add my crossing Tostada tactic?

I dont think this thread is neccessary, you already have another thread just like this and its stickied (I think). Also, we have alot of organized info in this forum, and its already in-depth.

I felt the amount information I wanted to produce was sufficient enough for its own thread, if I had added it to the Master Cookbook thread it would feel constrained (there are text limits per post).

Aside from youtube videos, I would like you to find an explanation of safe tortilla in this forum. That is a basic tactic, and if this forum is so “organized” then you should be able to find it rather quickly don’t you think?

So you have enough information then? Would you like me to stop sharing my El Fuerte knowledge? It appears that you know, or have access to everything you’d need to know about El Fuerte.

The only thing that compelled me to spend countless hours writing up explanations for you guys was that I thought you appreciated and longed for as much knowledge as possible, because I know thats how I am when I really enjoy a game.

Alas, if you guys really feel that my posts are unnecessary, then I will stop.

Lol you don’t get what I’m saying. Your just repeating stuff thats already been posting. Plus dawgtanian already explained Safe tortilla in like 2 sentences.
I understand if your trying to show us something new or something more effective. but your just basically reposting everything thats already floating around. its just like adding three different levels of fuerte (splash,Rsf,tortilla). There’s more beyond that, Im guessing you plan to add more. I just thought your other thread was more organized as well as the other threads that are on here. Don’t get hostile when people try to say something. And sometimes not everything has to be fully analyzed. Being simple as complex enough.

I think it’s great you want to contribute, however as I mentioned before, all of this stuff is written in a really long winded way to make it sound intelligent and complicated, when really it can be written in one sentence.

All these ‘master cookbook’ threads are annoying and time wasting.