Paper Telephone SRK v. III: Round 4 SIGN UPs! STARTING SUNDAY

Based on the smash hit, paper telephone SRK ver II, comes a new paper telephone!


If you’re lazy, here’s a jist of the style:

I’ll make the list since I’m as random as $%#@.

Each person gets 2 Day Points, or DP. Once you receive the picture, the days will be counted. If you don’t respond within a day, with a pic/sentence, you lose a Day Point for a day missed. No response within the 2 days? you get the boot. ** This means that we’ll skip you and move on to the next person. **

Send this on time and you… get jack. :slight_smile:

We’re looking to do a fast game here. If you can’t commit to this, then don’t play.

  • some other things:

1/. **Try to be funny with your responses and stay accurate to what you read/see. **No "So-and-so screwed this shit up again" nonsense for descriptions. It will be disregarded and you will be banned from playing for one round. Just represent what you see.

2/. This is a 13-man sign up. Or whenever we get to an odd number. Whichever is earlier. If I don’t see sign ups in 2 days after the last sign up, we’ll continue on with the game.

3/. **Send me all pictures/comments in their proper form. **I did text because I already had this in a picture form. All comments and pictures must be done with the template. Send me all the parts.

4/. **IF YOU ARE LAST, SEND IT TO ME ANYWAY. **All you need to do is send it to me.

Day points have now been reduced to 1. If I don’t see anything after 12am EST the next day, we’ll move on. If there is two skips, the game will be restarted.

Round 08.3


0/. JackTenrac! DONE
1/. surewhyyoucan DONE
2/. Warpticon DONE
>>> 3/. CptMunta 1/1DP
4/. Lonewolf_Fenrir
5/. DanD
6/. Gainsville Baller
7/. RockCho
8/. quiche
9/. Sasmasta

Round 08.2


01/. JackTenrac DONE
02/. Sasmasta DONE
03/. DingDang McGee DONE
04/. Lonewolf_Fenrir DONE
05/. DanD DONE
06/. quiche DONE
07/. surewhyyoucan DONE
08/. epp1e DONE
09/. Bananaweed DONE
10/. Digitalbooty DONE
11/. Rockcho DONE
12/. Master Chibi DONE
13/. Woof **0/1DP :k:
** 13/. ??? 1/1 DP

Round 08.1


01/.JackTenrac! DONE
02/.DanD DONE
03/.epp1e DONE
04/.Sasmasta DONE
05/.ToyRobotTerror DONE
06/.surewhyyoucan DONE
07/.Bananaweed DONE
08/.RockCho DONE
09/.Vegett0 DONE
10/.DingDangMcGee DONE NEED PIC
11/.DigitalBooty DONE NEED PIC
12/.quiche DONE
13/.Lonewolf_Fenrir DONE

Im in

I’m in

Count me in.


EDIT: I think we should lay down some guidelines. For example, people writing text should just try to describe what they see, rather than trying to be funny. It usually works out better that way. Likewise, people doing pictures should try to represent everything that is written in the text.

Here’s an example of one that worked really well because people followed those guidelines:

Count me in. :china:

I’m in.

So I’m guessing it alternates with pictures, then words… kind of like telephone? If it sounds like I get the gist of it, I’m in (and hopefully get a text part!)

I’m in

I read da rules, but Im still not sure I understand. Someone tells you to draw something and then you draw it?

If someone could help me out, that would be cool, cuz i wanna sign up dawgs.

Well there’s two possible things that you can get. A picture OR a message.

If you get…

A. A picture, you have to write out a message of what you think is going on, then send that message to the next person in line.

B. A message, you have to draw it out then send that drawing to the next person in line.

I think that’s how it goes.

Edit: :d: Coo’.

Indeed, Sas. That is how we do it.

ok, den Im in.

I’m in like flynn.

I’m not joining, but this should be pretty funny!

i want a text part

I’ll see about that.

I’ll join in.

More people sign up :smiley: I’m really looking forward to this.


Count me in!