Paper Telephone SRK v. III: Round 4 SIGN UPs! STARTING SUNDAY

Possible Game Time!? :nunchuck:

I don’t quite get it either but count me in :lol:

edit: alright i think i get it now ^^

If people don’t get it, we shouldn’t let them play. let them watch a couple rounds, and then when they get it, they can join it.

(btw, what’s not to get? it’s really fucking simple)


Well the first post isn’t really clear ^^ but i missed the link to the original thread, and with sasmasta’s explanation i got it.

edit: just laughed my a$$ off while looking at the previous thread xD

…because you’re 2007. Ignorance is bliss. Anyway: I’ll post up the list in a minute.

pm sent to epp1e

I’m trying to send my PM, but the updated site is making my PMs bug out ._.

Edit: Worked.

PM sent.

TRT sent his. I need the last four PMs, gents.

List updated.

PM sent to BananaWeed.

Jack, you want us to send to you as well, so you can combine into the final?

Where’s ytwojay?

PM sent to RockCho.

FOrgot to write that, sorry!


Updated. Still need some back telephone calls.

Good gawd. I propose that is you miss your turn, you should get blacklisted from paper telephone. Two days is also too long in my opinion. One day max. Remember the paper telephone that started this is done in a room in real time. No reason one round here should be stretched out through a week. In summary, if you don’t check this site everyday, and don’t plan on getting your turn done as soon as you see that PM, then don’t play…or pass your turn. I think this is the main reason PT dropped off to begin with. MF’ers taking too long with their turns. Just end the round already. Think we had a seven person cap to begin with.

Well…It seems I’m next but I have not received anything…:confused:

Yeah? Thought he sent it. I’ll shoot out the warning.

PM sent to Vegett0.

I’m not even going to operate that picture. :lol:

PM sent to DingDangMcGee

PM sent to DigitalBooty!!