Paper Telephone v.TurboRevival



[]Player 1 submits a random sentence.
]Player 2 takes that sentence and makes a drawing out of it.
[]Player 3 takes that drawing and writes a sentence describing it.
]And so on. Each person only sees what the previous person submitted.

-Be sure to PM me AND the next person on the list when you’re done.
-Here is a template for you to use if you wish.
-If you need an image host, tinypic is free and easy to use.
-If I don’t receive a PM from you within a day, you will be skipped.
-*if you are drawing please please save me a step and put it on the template :slight_smile:

Taking signups for round 2!
[]ytwojay [done]
]Anakron [done]
[]lolerskates [done]
]Sas [done]
[]eskaobar filling in for Kuya [done]
]CyberKen filling in for HvE [done]
[*]Lonewolf_Fenrir [skipped]

Round 1 players:
[]wentinel [done]
]ytwojay [done]
[]Sasmasta [done]
]Lolerskates [done]
[]Warpticon [done]
]eskaobar filling in for Rooks4 [done]
[*]Anakron [done]

Here are some of the results from previous rounds:


Definitely count me in this.



Sign me up as well. :tup: Though my drawing skills are next to zero.




Bump for great justice!


I’d be interested but my drawing skills MAJORLY suck.


Is MS Paint only or can you use photoshop?

MSpain only might be funnier.

Edit: Nevermind


I’m up


It’s even better if you suck at drawing :tup:

Alright looks like we have enough interest to start a round. I’ll update the first post and send out PMs later today.


Can I play? Or get a spot in the next round?


Take the old results down. If a mod sees it you’ll get banned for the nudity/porn in some of the drawings. And my sections were GDLK.


Sure, added you to the list.

Round 1 starts now!


Come on guys ^^


I won’t have time, but I will be watching.


Gotcha, took you off the list.

We need one more person for the last spot, post up if you’re interested!


Sorry for the holdup, guys…weird day (weird last several weeks, actually, but eh). sentence coming.


Too late for me too, won’t be here until end of next week now.
Sorry, i thought it’d be faster.


No worries, maybe next time :slight_smile:


Rooks4 has been skipped. PM sent to Anakron!


I’m done! Can’t wait for results!