Paper Tiger's for sale thread (Wii system, Joysticks, Random stuff)

I’ve also a got an old stick for sale. It was a custom made by Nitewalker from these forums. Happ comp stick and buttons in black. The case is made of 3/4 MDF and it’s built like a tank. I took out the art so you’ve got the bare top panel with plexi ready for your art. I needed the PCB for a mod I was doing but I’ll leave in the stick and buttons. The sides were done in a durable black formica finish, the edge of the control panel has black t-molding. American style six button layout and rubber feet on the bottom of the stick for good stability. A couple minor scuffs and imperfections on the plexi but still a good stick that just needs to be wired up before it’s ready to go. I can post pics when I get home.

$60 or best offer? Again, really open to offers.

Laptop cooling pad, plugs into a USB port. Uses two built in fans. Didn’t fit my laptop so I’m selling it off. I’ll post pics later.

$15 or best offer.

More stuff to come.

Pm’d !


interested in the stick

can you post the dimensions?

I’ll post them when I get home.

Wii Sold.

Stick still available.

still waiting on the dimensions :X

Also, i cant really tell from the stick, but are the 6 screws (2 on the tom and bottom, 1 on each side) thru plexi or under it? Seems like an odd placement for the screws that hold the plexi down.

The plexi has no screws through it. It’s held in place by the screw in buttons. I owned this stick for over a year and it was never an issue. The screws you see would all be covered by the art.

alright, can i get the dimensions or your not home again? :X

Stick and Wii SOLD