PaperTigre's stick modding services [East Coast/Philly]


You know what, screw it- I’ll make a posting here, i’ve been contemplating it for a month or so :rofl:
I do stick mods. I wish I could think up some witty sales pitch like Truckosaurus :[
I’ve done work on FS3s, TEs, HRAPs, EX2s, SEs. I do everything from simple dual mods, RJ-45 mods, vinyl paint jobs, I’m up for challenges, so hit me up. General turnaround is a day after I receive the parts/stick. I don’t keep a lot of parts on hand (poor college student).

As far as price goes, how I work is I list how much I charge for my work, and I add on whatever parts go for.
$30 for a 360 > ps3 dual mod. Plus parts. If you want strictly ps3, I would use a chimp so I’d add on 29.99 or however much the current chimp costs me. If you wanted to possibly add on ps2 or saturn, or xbox later down the road- you may want to do a Cthulhu and Imp. They cost more, but its not really that much more work for me, so I charge the same. Payment can be made through paypal or if you’re a local, I’ll take cash too

Heres a general breakdown of the more basic mods.
360 -> PS3 Dual Mod $30 + Parts
Ps3 -> 360 Dual mod $30 + parts
Custom Sticks (Blank sticks, empty sticks etc) $25 for the first PCB, add $30 for the second pcb if you want it dual modded + parts
Rj-45 dual mod $40 + parts (Right now, I’m not doing these, I’m out of boots, and RJ-45 ends).

If you have anything else that you’d like modded, buttons swapped, whatever, hit me up- I’m more than happy to help.

I also like to keep things local. I’ve modded sticks in my immediate circle of players, and done two dual mods for other people who inquired already, but I like to do business face to face. If you really want to ship your stick to me, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate the business, but its always nice to work in person. If you want to come ask me questions in person, check the Doylestown or Glenside threads to see when stuff happens there.


will be ur first customer Paper.


If you’re still in business, I may require your services. I want my stick to work with XB1 was well as XB360.