Parabola dash?



Heard of it. But never seen it.

What is the button imput for it? how useful is it exactly?

I noticed Dasrik talking about Justin K using it, but where can I find some of his matches? or anyones who uses this.




yo Dasrik what the hell does that move look like and how do u do it please someone post it for me and the other guy thanks u guys if u cant get to me on here my screename is thanks alot.:smiley:

Dasrik please explain what that move is and how to do it. please:D


Morrigan has three airdashes - a dropping down dash, a “U” dash (PP+down), and an upside down “U” dash (PP+up).

But Justin K can do this funky ass dash that is all over the place… I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t even know how it’s done. I’ll ask him when I see him.


It’s just her normal u+PP or d+PP airdash, and you let it go to its fullest extent without canceling it with a normal.

Dash u+PP and continue to hold u+PP, and she will go up, then down (the ‘U’), then she will go back up again. Same thing goes for the d+PP airdash. It’s more of a sin wave than a parabola…