Paradise Arcade Shop, LED Joysticks, Buttons, Mods and more

We have been floating around for a little while posting and received a recommendation to start a thread. Paradise Arcade Shop is based in Hawaii, working to bring a variety of controls to the arcade and fight stick market. We carry a number of different options for price points in both sticks and buttons, but we only sell products that we would use. That means, there is a difference between a Porsche and a Toyota, we see a place for both of those in the market, and we won’t sell Toyota’s at Porsche prices.

I say “we” as Ponyboy likes to harass me about, because the company is my wife and I. For those of you who have ordered already(thank you) she packs the orders and answers about 90% of the emails (mostly logisitics, but she is answering the “How to I light an LED” questions now) This is also her full time job and my part time job. She works hard to send out all stock items in 1-2 days, and rides my ass about the cutsom builds so they stay close to 1-3 days(We build LED sticks to order, and some of our game systems)

I have been an active membe of KLOV, Coinopspace, and BYOAC for sometime, and we sell on EBAY and Amazon. I will probably edit the intro down in the future, but I wanted just let people know who “we” are and who I am. Thank you for all the support and orders we already have received and now…it’s time for the good stuff!

Mortal Kombat 9 Stick mod products!!! If you want new controls with the same forms to just upgrade your stick try some of these IL products and microswitch upgrades.

Translucent Concave IL buttons - A great upgrade to your stick, especially with…

IL-lumination LED pads - Available in RGB or single color

IL Eurosticks provide “Happ Competition” Style with an upgrade in quality

And, for amazing light touch, upgrade any Happ or IL button to our 20 gram micros (Please note that these are 20 gram max spec and really are closer to 15 grams of actuation force)

We also carry JLF’s, JLW’s,LS-32, LS-32-01, LS-40, PS-14-KN pushbuttons, re-released PS-14-K Skeleton buttons, Paradise LED sticks, custom ball topsand a variety of hollow shafts(we also have 10 new custom hollow shafts on order, need a long JLF shaft or want to put a ball top on a Eurostick joystick?)

Finally… we have two new ball tops in, Pearls and Emerald Green that will be available shortly and were built to match the Rollie Buttons.

And the answer is “Yes, the pearl will light up.”

Shit I just ordered from you last night and ordered some 20 gram IL pushbuttons! I was worried that 20 gram might be too light but figured I’d try them, now you say they are more like 15. arggg Can you compare these to sanwa and seimitsu’s in terms of sensitivity? Is it too late to change my order to 50 gram if I ordered them last nite?

Muffman, for pushbuttons it’s a whole different ball game of micros because the mechanism is different. Even how they fit into the buttons.

First off, american style micros are generally about 2/3-3/4 the rated actuation force, so a Cherry 75 is closer to 50-60, Zippy 50’s are closer to 40, and 20 grams are closer to 15.

People really like the 20’s especially those who are used to Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons because you don’t feel the “click” typically associated with most snap action buttons.

As far as sensitivity goes, there are many factors playing into this, the proximity of the plunger to the switch and then switch travel. Snap action companies do not rate the travel distance, but most people feel the 20’s are more senstive than the 50’s in this respect. So if you use a high quality button with close contact between the button and micro at rest, you should have a more sensitive stick with the lighter weights.

I believe your order went out this am, however, try them out, if they are too light, then get in touch, we can swap them out. I have not had anyone return 20gram switches and ask for something heavier. I have however had a number of people completely convert to 20’s once the try them.

Nice site! Someone posted a link for your site on the Hawaii Street Fighter Facebook page.

A nice thing I noticed is the “Flight Sticks”. These look like the ones someone got from Ebay and used them to make their own custom VIRTUA ON Twin sticks set up. I know a lot of people have been looking for these, and here’s your guy’s chance to snatch some up, and make some sick sticks!
Import Flight Stick - Paradise Arcade Shop

Also, HQ verson here. Both look like quality sticks.
Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V Flight Joystick - Paradise Arcade Shop

Shout outs for Hawaii! cheeeehooo:rock:

I just noticed your jamma boards. Does the board have an amp so I can plug a 4 piece plugin (from a new astro city) into it?

Which version has sf2st, alpha 2/alpha 3, and third strike?

Got a couple of questions:

Where in Hawaii are you guys? As an HPA student it would be nice if I could pick up an order in person before break.

How big is the button part of your chrome LED buttons?

@Ijiwaru: We thought there needed to be something available at both ends of the price range on flight sticks :slight_smile:
@Majinhurricane: Shoot me an email
@ExecutorImperious: We are over in Waimanalo, and while we don’t have a store front, we do drop offs and occasionally allow people to pick up items. The plunger part of the button is .93" and the outside of the bezel is 1.3"

I tried to find the PS-14-k on your site, but the link only shows the KN’s.

Great people here! Def do not be afraid to order from them!

Nytemare_Raven: Adding it tomorrow, I need to… we’ve had them for two weeks
Butteroj: Thanks

Anyone in or visiting Hawaii, we will be putting a custom built LED Xbox controller board into Hawaii Brians tomorrow. It’s mostly IL parts, and it is set up for SF play, however, hopefully Glen have us built a MK one also. All buttons are lit LED bezels with solid plungers and 20 gram micros installed (I will take picture when it’s installed). If you can go on by and ask about the Paradise Arcade Control panel, let us know what you think, and let them know you want more set ups like that! Or maybe…a set up with Sanwa or Seimitsu controls. Either way, they are going to start renting XBOX360 consoles but they will be in full showcase cabinets.

@armi0024 Thanks for the help man. I’m sure they will be fine. I like seimitsu’s a lot, just hate sanwas. Too sensitive for me. So as long as they’re not as sensitive as Sanwa’s, which I doubt, then I’m sure they will work great. Really stoked also to try out one of your 45mm ball tops. I have a weird grip so think one will work out perfectly! Thanks again man. = ]

@armi0024 Thanks for the heads up, and i will check the site tomorrow.

I ordered my LS-32-01 hollow shafts from Paradise Arcade a few months back. Shipping was quick. As far as that one order goes, it was great for me.

PS-14-K’s are posted without pictures:
Seimitsu translucent PS-14-K arcade snap-in pushbuttons
RTDzign, nice vid!

Out of stock Violet Seimitsu PS-14-K 30mm…NOOOOOOOOO!!! ;_; i have the worst luck

Haha, the sent me PS-14-KN instead of PS-14-K’s, wow that is some bad luck :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested we have some 6 conductor slip rings that will prevent wires from twisting in lit joysticks. We are going to be marketing these for $20 each. We are working to try and reduce cost but this is where we are right now. See the video example here:

Got my parts in from ParadiseArcades. Fast shipping and great seller. They even gave me free chocolate with my order lolz. Got all my IL parts in to finally mod my MK9 stick. Also ordered a 45mm balltop that is awesome!!! Been dying to try a 45mm balltop but couldn’t find an american vendor that stocked them so shipping was really expensive. Not only did I save money on shipping, but the 45mm balltop from PA is better quality than my colection of seimitsu bubble tops. Not only are the PA ones cheaper but they don’t have the annoying seam line like other ball tops. 100% smooth!!! Just wish PA stocked more colors of the bubble tops. Would def by a clear and red 45mm balltop if they sold them!

This is the only reason why I havent gone led yet… and now you have a solution! yay!

Got my parts today from you folks… thanks for the fast shipping and the candies! I am really liking the 20 gram switches so far though…

will order again soon once you have the colors and sticks I need in stock (white comps and red/white IL euro sticks)

@muffman-nice panel… you need lights :slight_smile: IL-lumination…I will look into the ball tops, clear is possible, red…might be tough
@ed1371-we have everything except red eurosticks, we are desperately waiting for a restock they flew off the shelf

If you get clear ones in I would def buy one! And if you could get a red one I would even pay extra for it! I want to switch to 45mm balltops on all my sticks and have a red themed resident evil stick that I would kill to have a red 45mm bubbletop on.

Please don’t make me ugly up my stick with a clear or blue bubbletop. = [ hahah