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@armi0024 hello, are your Sanwa OBS-MX going to be restocked or are they discontinued?


I remember seeing a dual mod setup from the PS3/PS4 brook board to the PS360+ did that ever end up happening?


Are the metal panels on the exc samurai cases replaceable?


Isn’t paradise working on OBSMX 24mm buttons? I thought I saw a prototype you were showing on twitter or somewhere. Please let us know the eta on those. Thanks.


When LVT3_setup_20170128 is executed,
"Paradise LVT 3 Setup Software Update Available"
displayed and setting can not be done.

I hope that I update again.


@armi0024 Im assuming the fightstick cases are all premade. But I’ll ask anyway, I’d there an option for a 6 button configuration?


@armi0024 My LVT3 board lost all its settings today and when I went to change my colors back, the LVT3 software will not load. The PAS splash screen pops up then a dialog box says “LVT3 setup software update available” I can’t do anything with it at all. Any idea if your partner has an update coming down the pipe??


What happened to the big and little kahuna button pads? I can’t even find the product listings on the site.


I can find them on my side. Here.


Thanks a bunch @LLeg3nd
I search with this exact text string and got “0 products match your search”.
Little Kahuna Seimitsu Silent Button Pad




Thanks for the heads up on the search function not working. You can find the two Kahuna pads here. Here’s a link:


Hey there, I’m trying to set up a kaimana install on a new project stick. The kits are sold out and the J2 wire harnesses are out too. Should I wait for a restock or start buying each piece individually and make my own wire harnesses?



I would wait for the kit. Just click the “Notify Me” button and they’ll email you when they are in stock again. Shouldn’t be THAT long of a wait.


I just bought the LS-56 Spring but I am not sure what the LBF is for it? Im trying to get to around 1.75 lbs since the 1.5 is a little too loose and the 2lb is just a tad too tight so the 1.75 should be great for my batt top setup. Its for a JLF/Hori Stick.


Don’t get your hopes up. These people sell a $125 product knowing damn well that the software will not work every time Windows 10 updates which is about 75% of the time. It’s dishonest, disgusting and really, they’re amateurs. It’s hilarious. Maybe you shouldn’t sell something ridiculously overpriced when it doesn’t work. Just a thought.


You guys should check out @butteroj and his breakdown of the magenta software:
Hopefully the PAS team can get on here to show it off more !


@Kingeptacon Wait what are you talking about? The LVT boards don’t work out of the box? or Just on Windows 10? Do they offer refunds for this?


Hey, I’m having another issue with my LVT3. It’s prompting for an update once again. But the only problem is that the is no longer there, it’s just a parked domain. Is there anyone who might have been able to grab the most up-to-date drivers and utility before that website went kaputski?


OLD: I noticed that the PAS JLF 1.5lbf custom springs are no longer listed on the site. Did you guys stop making those? If so, that’s VERY unfortunate. It’s just my opinion, but that 1.5lb spring set the “sweet spot” with the JLF. Please let me know.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the JLF 1.5lb springs. I actually had to search “PAS JLF 1.5 lbf custom spring” via Google to get to the page. Just note that they don’t show up when you query either “custom spring” or even “PAS JLF 1.5 LBF” on the search field of your site. If it’s hard to find, people can’t order it.


I updated LVT3 , Setup Software and I was able to change LVT3.
I appreciate it.