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If it didn’t go out today, it should go out tomorrow. Susan had some printer issues today, HP told her we had a virus they could fix for 200

We are very excited about these leds, hopefully we will have a working prototype at Evo…


I helped someone with an Imperial Star Destroyer that was almost that size with LEDs. OMG the thing is a beast.


Any idea idea as to when the red 0.5mm oversized actuators will be back in stock? I just noticed they’re out of stock and I’ll probably need 4. My order will probably be around $75 once I get everything I need haha


Let me check into it. We so many requests to do them in delrin I have those running but I’m not sure if I had the aluminum ones in production.


Just wanted to share these amazing ball tops we are looking forward to adding to the store!

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New Crown shafts for Japanese Compatibility, please vote in the poll


Clear mesh balltops? Nice!


Oh wow, they look amazing! I may have to get one in purple to switch out every now and then with the Purple aluminum balltop I just ordered from you guys!


I’ll be picking up one those blue mesh ball when it comes out!!


They are pretty sweet, we’ve started our contest for products descriptions. I’ve decided our product descriptions need some help :slight_smile: So if you want a chance at a $5 credit, with no minimum purchase, go hit our facebook page and write a description for the new Paradise Twist. We will pick the winner tomorrow!

our goal is to start posting a new product each day so if you are motivated these can add up quickly, and we are not limiting the number of times someone can win… yet :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m bored today :slight_smile: The new plungers are in and should be for sale tonight. These black aluminum anodized button caps snap on and replace the caps on your OBSC buttons…

What fun could we have with a laser now?



Man those new Ball Tops and that anodized button plunger look awesome
You really know how to choose the Eye candy


Thanks!!! We found out about the anodized bat tops available elsewhere after we started this project. I don’t think they are going to do the same colors or the button caps. Our end goal is a line of anodized parts going well beyond what you see here :slight_smile:
It’s really tempting to do a kickstarter to see if we could get that going. We have the place all lined up that will do the parts, but the minimum orders are BIG, and searching for quarters between the couch cushions isn’t quite covering it anymore :slight_smile:




Wow! I placed an order Thursday afternoon, and it’s out for delivery today! For being in Florida, that’s pretty quick, I must say. :smiley: Thanks again for the awesome service and quick turnaround…

Looks like I’ll be snacking on Macadamia Kisses this afternoon! :wink:


Yeah, I just got an order in today that shipped the same time as an order from California, and the one from Hawaii got here faster. Keep up the great work!


Armi I just sent you a pm my spring was missing out of my order. I’m hoping you will get back to me soon because I would like to know how this is going to be fixed and if possibly I can add a black aluminum dust cover since they were out of stock when I ordered… But super fast delivery to Maine bud thanks


Got my actuator in the mail today!! Thanks. Going to order from you guys again!! :slight_smile:


Holy cow on those transparent meshballs!

nice new spin on the old balls…

(Heh… Balls.)

I gotta say they all look nice unlike the original, SOLID meshballs.
I wonder how they would scatter an LED light?

  • I didn’t see the new meshes until today… I’ve spent the last day-and-a-half rebuilding a PC after a major meltdown. I blame MS for producing one of the worst and most vulnerable pieces of OS software I’ve had the displeasure of working with!
    The same kind of thing happens on the Mac, I can fix the issue with one OS disc in less than an hour!
    I can’t do anything with the PC but rebuild the OS from scratch… and reload all the programs I’ve added since… and grind my teeth at the time it takes to get the machine back to where I want it!


Just got the GONBES CGA TO VGA HD ARCADE CONVERTER [GBS-8220] from you guys.
It works great in my SCART to HDTV setup.