Paradise Arcade Shop, LED Joysticks, Buttons, Mods and more

@kaihong thanks!
Final day of Evo tomorrow, hollow jlf shafts with LEDs, 10 cash at Evo!

email sent

I posted on Facebook and asked bout the promo code and got no answer… what’s the word?

Susan was supposed to pst last night, I will check

I got my PS360+ on Friday and yesterday decided to enjoy the wonderful looking chocolate that came with it… and promptly had a violent allergic reaction to it, haha! I always have an EpiPen near by, so no worries, I’m fine. Nut allergies run in the family but I had never come across one that I was allergic to, until now. Still, the chocolate was delicious and I’m super excited to get my new PS360+ all setup in my stick!

I ask for you to do the same.
Look GeorgeC can be a little overzealous but he is trying to help you out. No need to backlash.

Yes Paradise Arcade Shop has a shaft for Happ/IL joysticks that accept a Ball top. Just look through their site and you will find it.
armi0024 is a pretty cool guy, him and his equally awesome wife does a awesome job running PAS and always willing to help us out.
If there something they don’t carry but they might be able to still get for you, just ask and I am sure they will beat Sinistar do everything that they can to help.

Next time you have question like this needs to go to the [Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)](Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

I have a few words for you that I think the mods will allow…

  1. SCREW you.

  2. You’re an asshole.

  3. KID, I’m older than you, so watch who you call a youngster. Don’t even insult the young…
    Unfortunately, people like you can’t even stand advice and you take my tone the wrong way.

Sorry, but people generally like the Asian parts… That’s what’s catered to. Cry me a river about it AFTER you get over your 'rhoid rage.

  1. You’re an illiterate Twat. You don’t even bother to read the FAQs and the other helpful fellow in the thread pointed you to exactly where I told you to go to in the first place!

  2. You’re an asshole. Refer back to #2 to Infinity and Beyond, creep.
    Forget #4 and just go to hell, Jethro!

Have a nice day!

I would ask if any Mod actually bothers to read this thread, do everybody a favor and BAN punks like mercium right away…

We don’t need people who go off because they can’t stand to do a little reading and won’t take help.
This is among the worst behavior you come across online but I guess you can expect it from people who didn’t have parents who taught them to be courteous and respectful to others especially people they don’t know(!) – let alone polite enough to be able to read sentences more than 5 syllables long.

I’m sorry but we’re getting a lot more people like this guy regularly.

I won’t threaten violence but I somehow doubt this little kid would have the guts to speak to other people like that in real life!

There really ought to be both a basic Reading and Comprehension Test before people can join SRK. A timed entry of 15-20 minutes of reading the FAQs/Announcements BEFORE people can post would be nice, too!

Woop wines too much and can’t drag his a$% to Evo so we had to post a 5 dollar discount code off EVERY HOLLOW SHAFT we carry.

Order 10 shafts, save 50 dollars!!!
Code here:

Someone “disagreed” with my allergic reaction, that’s cute.

Oh well, just wanted to come back and say that everything is functioning quite nicely on my new PS360+.

Thanks Paradise Arcade Shop!!!

Wow you’re starting to sound like me. Best to contact a mod via PM.

I hear Bryan had a blast at EVO. Post up them balltop picks everyone!

Me? Lol. I don’t see the code either.

Weekly coupon tab on fb, at the top of the posts.

Hey Armi0024 I know that you just came back from EVO so this may not be a priority, but any new news on your LED PCB?

I don’t see coupon tab either… though I’m checking thru my phone…us that the issue?

Maybe it doesn’t show up on the mobile app. I still don’t see it. Lol

Cabling is done, LEDs are done, boards are in but need to be assembled and tested. We will probably roll out a test market in the upcoming weeks. Prototypes worked great and feedback was good but we will do some advanced sales to a small group of production boards to confirm there are no unexpected issues.

It is the 4th tab, I asked Susan to move it, hey give me a break, I am still learning fb methods, lol

Already posted in a thread and reported the guy.
Don’t care for junk like this… I’ve had it happen to me twice in a row. There won’t be a third time any time soon {I hope}.
There’s a lot of plain rude cusses that come in here.

It was a good idea to take a break for a day or two after that!


I hope you had a successful EVO.
I imagine the new stuff was popular.
Free stuff always is – but what about the stuff you actually made people pay for? lol

I might forego getting silent Sanwas and just upgrade with the silencer pads when I need them.
(I kind of wonder why Sanwa hasn’t done this figuring out how easy it was to make foam pads without Sanwa’s help.)
I spent my weekend tweaking personal art designs for joysticks (most creative use of my Photoshop knowledge) and playing a round or two of Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition… Okay, it was the NES version (patched with the fourth level programmed for the British Wii release) so it wasn’t technically the “real” Donkey Kong. It’s a pain-and-a-half to get the mod to work with arcade Donkey Kong (on MAME) but I did get Donkey Kong II (extra levels) which is ten times harder just to finish the first level of!

{Slobbering over the new “butterballs.”}
{Yes, I know I’m inadvertently setting myself up for a sick joke there!}