Paradise Arcade Shop Magenta Joystick breakdown


Here is a 2 part video breakdown of the soon to be released Magenta joystick by @armi0024 from Paradise Arcade Shop.

Part 1 explains all of the parts involved and part 2 shows the ins and outs of the software.

Any questions please ask away.


I was wondering if both of the 5v ports need to be populated. I’m planning on installing on the UFB so I just use the vcc screw in terminals for that.


No sir, only 1


Does it come with any harnesses for the power, led and button connectors?


@armi0024 ?


This video is great. Now you just need to show it in action if that’s possible! Great video though. I hope more people become aware.


@butteroj Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am REALLY looking forward to this. If you could go s little more in-depth on how you arrived at your own personal tweaks that would be awesome (why you set the map the way you did based on games and characters played, as well as your own execution).


@KnyghtFall it all comes down to trial and error. I started with the default map and played for an hour or so. Found where I would get inputs I didn’t want and would either make that direction smaller or move the activation point out further and kept doing so till I was not getting incorrect inputs. Then Id hit the lab and try combos and adjust accordingly till I was getting exactly what I wanted. The beauty is once your used to a setting youll find out other ways to improve. For 30 years I was somewhat of a gate rider. Now I do not touch it unless I’m using a charge character.


@butteroj the micro USB for flashing profiles onto the stick can still be simultaneously connected while you are plugged in to a console to play, correct? Because I want to really look into what my stick is doing while I’m playing, so if I find a situation where I’m screwing up inputs, I can rectify it.


Absolutely. There is actually a second program that does nothing other than record movement so you can go back and look at where you messed up.


Honestly makes me consider just leaving it connected to the computer when I play at home just to track my own inputs the whole time.


Do these programs come with the stick!? That recording program would be amazing. Wow.


Forgot to post but I tried this at frosty and wanted to talk about how great this stick was. I’m mostly a hitbox player but damn if that thing didn’t make me want to switch. Every input felt great and for those people who play multiple fighters having the option to switch between profiles seemed amazing.




just do it :heavy_check_mark:


You will have to download them from the Paradise website but yes, they will be free.


Yo, yeah, I tell everyone to at least give it a shot. I’ve got friends who still own sticks but play on Hitbox mainly, and they got curious.

It’s just that damn good. You and your Ken might appreciate it! :tup:


The reason for 2 5v ports is one can be used as a passthrough. Say your installing the magenta in a te2 and wanted to add an lvt3 without have to tap into 5v twice, the 2nd port on the magenta could be used.


@butteroj That stick looks amazing! I just watched the video and that level of tweakability is insane and exactly what the next generation of joystick should be. I know I find myself training my hand and wrist to the sensitivities of each stick I use and I always wish that my impulses more accurately portrayed my intentions on-screen. I don’t know what your level of involvement is with the Magenta Stick, but if you’re interested in trade, I just barely made some fine tune adjustments to The RAGE Pad and even mobbed up some matching dust washers :wink: (Getting my etsy shop ready) I’m working on finalizing a slew of custom pads that all have different PCBs ranging from Genesis to Switch as well as some new, cool options for artwork display. I want one of these Magenta Sticks for my personal RAGE Pad that I can go wild with on all the outputs and options! It would be cool to have a custom mini monitor that hooked directly up to this stick that one could fabricate a flush mount right into their case… I’m sure it can be done with an insane approach haha!