Paradise Arcade vs Focusattack


So i was wondering if anyone has ordered from Paradise Arcade recently? I ordered some parts from them last year and it took almost a week for them to just ship my order out. Also their customer service left something to be desired, it took over a full week to hear anything back at all, and when i did hear back it was a message saying that she was going to forward it to her husband, and then i never heard back. After that i promised myself I would never deal with them again…but, there is some stuff i want on paradise arcade, but not at the cost of waiting an extra week just to have my package shipped. I know focus attack is always on their game and always ships out next day. If anyone has ordered from paradise arcade recently I’d like to hear how your xp was.


My past orders from Paradise have been great. The orders took few days to ship out and came very quickly. When I contacted them about possibilities of changing orders or updates on package status, responses came in a day. They did pack goodies in the box and also included a few extra buttons (Maybe miscounted?). Either way my orders from both FA and Paradise have been great. What exactly were you looking for from paradise arcade?


Personally I don’t like comparing the two stores together.

I mostly order from Focusattack so I have had no experience with PA but I hear PA is very good with their service.


See that right there is a huge problem for me, I think anytime you order a package it should either be shipped that day, or very early the next morning. (I’m not very patient)


Hence all of the new threads.


Consider that there are other customers too, and that they have to handle packaging and shipping out. Depending on the time you order, you will not have it shipped out the day of. If you are not patient then you are out of luck. This is the internet. Just like life things won’t always go the way you want.
If any store doesn’t meet YOUR standards then don’t order from them or even complain about them. They are doing there best to provide parts to us.
On a side note: in regard to all your questions in your thread, there is a search bar and an amazing site called google. Its nice to put them to work.


I’ve identified most Of my character defects, and I’ve come to accept them. Overall though I think that if shipment speed is important to you, you might as well ask to learn others xp.


I’ll just drop this quote here


also consider this from PA:


Would you rather have fast shipment with damaged or missing products poorly package and bound to get lost due to shipping mishaps, or wait a day or two for protected items with no damage that arrive within the designated period of time for shipping?


Couldn’t agree anymore.


Having a package shipped out within 24 hours of ordering is a standard that almost all successful companies have. If people didn’t care how long their packages take then shipping companies wouldn’t offer services like next day delivery. Secondly if you aren’t happy with service you received in the past, you would have every right to complain and inform others of your bad xp, which was not the posts entent by a long shot. It’s simply to ask if PA arcade has changed their customer services for the better and I would be foolish not to.


Both are pretty successful. They don’t always ship same day.

[quote="Sephz, post: 7368396, member: 57473"If people didn’t care how long their packages take then shipping companies wouldn’t offer services like next day delivery. [/quote]

Please show me where they say they offer next day SHIPPING & DELIVERY.

Order from Lizardlick then talk to me about bad service

One customer doesn’t receive an email within a desired time… let me repost something:

this includes customer service. There are many others ordering and probably also wondering about the status of their package.

PA is not some chain company like Target, there aren’t hundreds of workers running the store like a good machine. Less people = More time for them to process **EVERYONES **orders. Change customer service? I had pretty good customer service, and I bet there are many others here on FA that can vouch for PA. Also, you’ve been here longer than I have, you should have noticed that PA has their own thread which you can talk,ask questions, make comments, etc.

Also give them a chance. O.k. one bad order, get over it, man up. If you want something then get it. Chances are that besides your own impatience, you will be happy with the order and you will have a second order to judge by.


And I’ve ordered from focus attack 3 separate times, the latest was just this week. Every single time it’s been shipped out in less than 24 hours. I’ll admit that maybe the time I ordered from PA they just weren’t on their game or busy that week, hence why I’m asking. I’m not trying to get in an argument with anyone, just want to get some info before I give them another chance.


You have got the wrong hobby. Fighting games are a niche genre and has a niche market. Most of the support in the market comes from the community. We should be happy that we have the support that we do and are even able to order indivdual parts like we can.
You really need to stop making new threads every 5 minutes when you can post in a thread that already exists.


It’s not like we’re talking about Amazon here. These are specialty stores run by the fighting community. I’ve only had the pleasure of dealing with FA so far, and both orders have gone wonderfully.

I suggest you amend your standards to something a bit more realistic, considering the size of the operations we’re talking about.


All depends on when they get the order. If you make it approx. before 2 pm it can be done.
Once again, repost:

wow, Repost PR here:

Search bar. Use it. Look for threads that are made instead of making your own like what sikwidit said.


Took the words right out of my mouth


Hence why you put “vs” in your title.


Listed definition of versus; As compared to or as one of two choices.
Just because we are posting in a forum dedicated to fighting games doesn’t mean vs has to do with a battle.

Also I’m new to the forums and simply wish to become an active member of the community, and am not familiar with the proper etiquette or prerecusities required to create a post. Thought this was a place for questions where you didnt have to exhaust every other resource otherwise be subjected to scrutiny. Yea maybe I’ve been spoiled by my apparently uncommon fast and great experiences with focus attack and was the unfortunate solitary customer with a bad experiance with paradise arcade, but I shouldnt have to put up with this extent of intolerance simply for admitting my distaste to wait more than a day to have my order processed and shipped when I’m paying out the nose for overnight shipping.


I understand you are new to these forums. Tech Talk is probably the most welcoming place on the whole site. We love helping out people who just simply follow the rules and are respectful.

We would love to have you as an active member of this forum. This is a place for questions and they are answered when posted in the correct place.
You are new which means you should have read the stickies, this one in particular.

The reason you are getting flack is because Tech Talk especially understands that these are not big businesses that do what they can to supply us as best as they can. Without them we would be virtually nothing. We sincerely respect all of the people that make running these stores possible because they are all normal people.
What is annoying the crap out of people(at least me) is that you compare these guys to major companies and more importantly this line here annoys the crap out of me.
"I shouldnt have to put up with this extent of intolerance simply for admitting my distaste to wait more than a day"
You dont want to wait more than a day. Even typing that irritates the crap out of me, like I said before you are in the wrong hobby. Yes FocusAttack has us spoiled but these companies do the best they can.
If anyone recalls Lizardlick also used to get orders out the door quickly and although I know alot of people dislike LizardLick at this point. There is no denying that he was at one point the sole provider for this community pretty much but that is a story for another thread.

The point is that we will support our community with a fierceness, so when you post a thread like this prepare to get flamed. Especially when you are mad that it took a little longer to get your product. You still got your product so people are going to think you are crazy. Just sayin


With that said I feel better educated and have a new respect for a perspective that you all obviously share. I didn’t mean to sound ungreatful for having access to the resources that we do. I will leave out all personal opinions of mine from hence forth, and I’m sorry if it got under anyone’s skin which was the furthest thing from my objective.