Paradise Hills Showdown 3.1 Results & Shout Outs

Street Fighter IV Singles: 64 Players
Top 8:
1st- ShadyK (Ryu)
2nd- somuchdamage (Sagat)
3rd- Dae- (Chun Li)
4th- Ronstoppable
5th- Keno
5th- Vicious
7th- Tatsu
7th- victheslik

The Rest:
9 Viscant
9 Rich
9 yeb
9 boyztown
13 Bryant Tyrant
13 n3m0n1c
13 Chris King
13 Combo Jack
17 utj
17 Dios X
17 NeRemix
17 GCSupra
17 Joe Dubs
17 sallabout08
17 Ghengis
17 pimpbot
25 Moval
25 Andrew V
25 Warren
25 Brianohhh
25 oceansideDOODS
25 AlexMan
25 Calm Warrior
33 mr. hangover
33 boystown
33 Tommy
33 CDefG
33 Vutek
33 skratchiechan
33 Rob P
33 Wolf
33 Jeremey Chance
33 laceysan
33 shglbmx
33 KSexy
33 Dumadagger
33 frankfresh
33 marcos cartel
33 John Cun
49 Denny
49 kaiten619
49 MixupMaster
49 Repulse
49 Evo8
49 marco_m
49 Firebat
49 FPS Chun LI
49 imac
49 natibzzzako
49 Cid1
49 unprotectedSEX
49 poeticflow
49 jew hustle
49 Maku
49 killabyte

Street Fighter IV 5v5 Team Tourney: 9 Teams
Top 3
1st- Team Even Older Men

  • Tommy- Dictator
  • Andrew V.- Blanka
  • Ghengis- Ryu
  • ShadyK- Akuma
  • Viscant- Dan
    2nd- Team Stacked
  • Ronstoppable- Boxer
  • MOVAL- Blanka
  • Tatsu- Vega
  • Fuson- Guile
  • somuchdamage- Sagat
    3rd- Team Paradise Hills
  • T.G. Cid- Guile
  • KSexy- E. Honda
  • unprotectedSEX- Rufus
  • NeRemixed- Akuma
  • AlexMan- C. Viper

1st- Ghengis- B.B. Hood
1st- Viscant- Kano, The Flash, Geese

Save this spot for my shout outs later
Thank you for everyone that came out. Shit was mad fun cant wait till Evo.

Only down side of the night…
Somebody took a leak on my neighbors yard and he flipped out. I really don’t give a shit, but I gotta listen to my neighbor complain about it all day.

I’ll do this shit now before I forget about it tomorrow.

GG’s to everybody! Cody’s house was more packed than i’ve ever seen it before. Shit was insane. Thank you LA for showing up, you guys are awesome.

Props to

Cody - Thank you for hosting this event, shit was AWESOME broh. Oh and the random ultra bait vs Ronstoppable, LULZ.

ShadyMotherFuckingK - You better be going to EVO now, hahaha all the money you won today just paid for your trip. Good shit Long, for defending the home turf and for being so damn good.

Dae - DAMN YOU! I knew I shouldn’t have seismo’d. Oh and “ITS GONNA MISS!!” HAHAHAHAHA.

Rich - C. fuckin Viper. 20 second matches. We takin that shit to EVO.

Combojack - For messing me up x________x. I’ll get you next time!

Yeb - For choppin’ shit up. FFT FFT FFT FFT

Vicious - “ALEXMAN. C. Viper.” hahah.

VicTheSlik - “OH SO CUTE” hahahahahah.

Viscant - For not having to fucking play during the team tourney again.

Everyone else that came down from LA, thank you very much for coming down. Hopefully we can do this again soon!

It was fuckin hot today.

Holy hell Long, you better be coming to evo now.

GG’s to everyone just got home, fucking long arse drive~


Cody: Thanks for hosting the tournament and having the venue over at your place, that was real nice!

Alexman: Too sick viper dude, wish we can have more sessions buddy, FUCK YOU IT DID NOT MISS!

Filthy Rich: Always good seeing you mang, too bad we all live too far, viper too nice, Ambigious cross ups not so nice :frowning:

ShadyK: Good games sir~ Need to up my game against you, I played stupid :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to have a chance for a rematch!


Ron: I’m such a dream killer :stuck_out_tongue: <3

Keno: Always a pleasure, how many fuckin tournaments must we play each other!?!?!?

Paul: Good games paul, TOO MUCH DAMAGE FOR CHUN :frowning:

I’ll probably do more later, too fuckin tired…

Till next time…EVO…until THEN~

fuck the sun.

boyz goin 2 town

Finals videos here

update: all the videos are up now


ggs and nice meeting everyone.

Goddamn ShadyK is goooooooooooooooood!

<3’s that I only get browner and not sunburned:cool:

wow. Ryu wins a california tournament. Good Shit Shadyk! And Dae for repping Chun!

proud to be part of Team Even Older Men. Thanks again Tommy, Jay, Shady, and Ghengis

ShadyK is a monster. If I grow a goatee and style my hair, can I win team tourneys without ever playing too?

Thanks to Cody for hosting an awesome tournament, and GGs to everyone I played during the tourneys and during casuals. It was really nice to see so many LA players come down, so props to all of them. I hope you all had fun watching my hand. :rofl:

Boyz town 4 life…

.ggs to everyone i played.
.gs to all the out of towners who made my night even better(pherai, dae, jack, j.r., etc, etc)
.nice meeting some new heads - Paul- the most successful man ever, vic, etc.
.gs to placers
.BIG thank you to cody for making all of this happen.

sunburned yes.

thanks for holding this and gg to everyone I played.

I post on srk


every time i saw you
you had a different beer in your hand

Cody thanks for holding it down man, the turn out was awesome as expected.
thanks to the LA peeps coming down.

ggs to everyone i played

see everyone at evo!

shouts to everyone for attending paradise hills showdown and for making it as hype as possible.

thanks to LA for driving down and bringing the level of competition way up. big congrats to shadyk for protecting this house and being solid the whole day…lol anti cross up dps!

oh and thanks to lagade for bringing the pancit…that shit kept me alive :smiley:

EVO here we come@!#!@#@!

thank you to cody for hosting.

i post on srk.

Nice seein everyone

good shit Paul, Dae, Ron, Keno, Jeremy, tatsu and vic

AI baby B]

Well for those who don’t know i was the filipino guy in the black “this is san diego” shirt helping run the tournament when cody needed it. My shoutouts:

Paul SOMUCHDAMAGE: Wow. My first match i was hoping to play an out of towner and this is who i got. This match had to be my best match ive ever played. The whole match itself, bringing it to the 3rd match, 3rd round, and with all these people watching me. Thank you paul for a very exciting fight and experience.

The team: sorry guys, the nerves settled in on that one.

Yeb: holding it down for the console chars! Its people like you (besides the fact that evo and other tournaments are on console) that make me not drop rose as my character.

Dae: you are on funny ass mofo. Sorry for having no slurpees for you on 7/11

anyone else from out of town: thank you for taking the time to come and play! It was a lot more fun than i expected it to be.

I know im forgetting some people, but you guys are awesome too. Everyone. SD/AI/denjin