Paradise Hills Showdown2- San Diego (NC), CA- 09/15/07

Paradise Hills Showdown 2

When: LOL- This Saturday- 9/15

Time: I have class and get off 11:50, so I can have doors open for casuals 3 o clock. If we can cram all these tourneys in one day that would be awesome lol. Doors close maybe midnight or when everyones done.

Main Event: Street Fighter 3rd Strkie
Entree Fee: $6.00
1st- 70%, 2nd- 20%, and 3rd- 10%
Double Elimination 2/3

Side Events: T5:DR, CvS2, GG:AC, SF2:ST, and MvC2

T5:DR- If enough people show up, like some of the SDT people and they bring 2 or 3 PS3s i can set them up in the front room. Say $5.00 tourney fee???

CvS2- If enough people show up and play also bring the game, we can have one to. Say $5.00 tourney fee??? I’m sure Carlos down to play some CvS2.

GG:AC- not many players yet but we can have an tv for it.

SF2:ST- If were all playing SF:3s im sure we all know a little turbo. Say $5.00 tourney fee???


MVC2- i do not know how to play but I love watching. So if you guys want a tourney and you guys provide the DC and convertors, do it. That team tourney thing you guys want you can have it at my house.

Venuee: FREE
Front Room- can have 3 tvs
Kitchen- 1 tv
Living room- 3 tvs

Front yard and Backyard if you smoke

If you guys can post if you can bring a ps2 or tv that would be cool.
Please Provide own sticks.

Rules: just respect my house and I will respect you all for the fighting game scene :slight_smile:

questions and if you need my adress IM me or PM me.

this saturday

All are welcomed, SDT, the cartel, RoD, Nickle heads, GG people, and Mudd Clubb peps. Just Remember i like in a house not a main event hall so it will be packed and thats why we can chill in the backyard or front.


well i’m a scrub but i’ll help support the cause.
count me in.

Did they fix the marvel machine yet? If so we should also have a marvel tourny.

x2, but they havent fixed that cab in a looooooooong ime


  1. Cody- unprotectedSEX
  2. Carlos- resq
  3. Edison- neuroax0n
  4. Tony- aka TQ
  5. TypeTenchi as… Tenchi
  6. deci
    7.Brandon- Raging Venom
    8.Matt - Playing since 91

and so on…


I just got back into the fighting game scene and haven’t played in San Diego since Nickel City was the place to be. I’m VERY rusty, but I’m down to play in tournaments as well as casual play.

Thanks for the address, I’ll totally be there. Count me in!

Sounds like a plan. chances are I’ll be there!!!

Thanks for the games guys, I got humbled BIG time. Now I know that beating people at work means nothing. Mad props to Gene for having SO much patience and playing me at CVS2. He must have been so bored owning damn near all of my characters with his level 1 Vega. :sweat: