Paradola dash questions 2

i know how to do all of the dashes which come in handy alot but i was also wondering if u could combo into them sort of like a air dash combo like mags or storms if anybody has pulled if off or knows how please post it thanks

Not during an AC, since none of her air normals are airdash cancelable. She can airdash BEFORE an AC after a launch, but I don’t know if there’s any usefull application for it.

There’s a couple uses for her air dash during combos on a standing/crouching opponent, though, like her OTG DI setup (c.LK, c.MK, c.HK, superjump cancel, airdash down, sj.LP XX DI), or the corner infinite (dash forward, s.LP, s.HK, superjump cancel, airdash forward, sj.LP, sj.MP, sj.HK, land, repeat).

Dunno if there’s anything else…

paradola dash

Why make a new thread for this? Your question had nothing to do with paradola dashing. Blah… nvm.