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What’s up everybody, I’m TFA Kiu, also known more widely around the community as “Wesker” from the major tournaments and livestreams. Yes, I’m the guy that shows up looking just like Wesker to tournaments, haha!

But I’m here to introduce my GFX services, and to try and get more practice and get my name out there. I primarily do Fight Stick templates, but I can do wallpapers, avatars, (non animated only, I don’t really mess with animation at all), signatures, business cards, posters, flyers, etc. Need a template for your TE/SE? I can do that. Got a tournament or launch party for a new game coming up and you want a poster/flyer to promote it? I can do that too.

I’m looking to further my Graphic Design skills and to try new things, so I’m opening up a thread for requests, whether it be for stick art or anything else. Feel free to post up in here in the thread, but I’d prefer a PM or an e-mail if possible, to keep it more personal. i’ll list my contact info below, a few examples of my templates, and then a few basic rules for requests:

Personal E-mail:
GFX/Business E-mail:
Or just inbox/PM me on here and we can take it from there.

A few examples of my templates:

*****(Don’t worry, the white edges aren’t on the actual templates. That’s why I left the red outline/button holes on a couple of 'em, anything outside that line(s) aren’t going to be on the final template.)

-Please request via PM/E-mail! I’m able to check it on my phone and I’m much more likely to respond, especially if you e-mail me, since like I said, it goes straight to my phone. I’d prefer if posting up here in the thread would be more for feedback and for stating that you’re about to message/e-mail me. Again, posting here is fine to request, but I’d much MUCH prefer that you’d pm/e-mail. Thank you. :slight_smile:
-When you request, I’d like to ask that you provide as high-res of an image as you can find, as it makes my life and my job a heck of a lot easier than when I have to deal with a small 100-200 px big image for large art.
-Rendered images are the best, (Images with the background cut out of them already) but if need be I can usually render it as needed.
-Be specific! If you have an idea of what you want, tell me. Don’t just say “Go to town and do whatever” if you have an idea or you know exactly what you want. The more specific you are, the more likely I am to make something that you’ll like, and the whole thing will go a lot smoother.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for checking out the thread!

-Kiu of ParagonGFX

I would want to request for a custom stick art but do you make it for free?

PM sent with further info.

He just hooked me up, Good shit Wekser. Feel free to post my image if you want. I am extremely happy with my picture.

Thank you sir, glad that you like it!

Here it is in case anybody wants to see it:

I am very happy with it and he did it in a very reasonable amount of time (1-2 days)

.Cobra did mine as well. He was very quick with getting it done, (He had a preview for me within the day it started) and it was fully finished the next day! (this is also working from US time zones to UK tome zones.) You can put up a preview if you want .Cobra, and hopefully in a few weeks i will have it on my stick!

Alright, I’ll throw it up man. You’re the one with the dormammu/juri/ryu/wesker/chun stick, right?

And thanks! =D

Ordering the art next week.

Can’t wait to see it!

Yeah thats right :smiley:

Hi .Cobra. I was wondering if you could help me out by making a quick TE template.
I’ll post more details if you are willing to, but it is pretty simple (just the image and a plain white background). Thanks in advance!

Sure thing, go ahead and send me an inbox and we’ll get the details discussed. :slight_smile:

Editing the first post with a couple more recent examples as well.

Thank you! I just sent you a pm with details. I hope I included enough!

Perfect. PM responded to.

Hi! I have horrible photoshop skillz and I would like to request a Black Vewlix Art design that kinda looks like this one except with an 8 button layout instead of 6, becuz my fightstick has eight buttons.
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But to make it look more interesting could you also add a Biohazard symbol that looks like this one

and it would be on art’s hobbies TE Full Panel Template (the one that fits TE-S Edition SuperStreetFighter4 sticks)
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For sure, I’ll get working on it man.

thank you!

Hey I was wondering hows the art going so far?

So hows the template going so far Cobra???