lets face it music today is shit, we don’t need to talk about rap because it has been shit a long time ago. Rock is facing the hot seat now, i’ve been listening to a strong fan base of paramore, and i admit in a scary way, that i found paramore listenable compared to the other shitty pop rock teen bands. But i can only take too much.

I don’t know, it’s either their music or the fact that i would seriously go drill the vocalist of that band.

so, my opinion is that they are probably the only good rock band in this new generation. :sad: I would pass FOB, PAD, My Chemical romance because i think those bands seriously suck… paramore is probably the only new school band from the list that i wouldn’t mind leaving on the radio. W/c i am ashamed to admit. I like flyleaf better eventhough the vocalist looks like she sleeps in crack.

damn paramore’s singer is hitable. just watched their “that’s what you get” vid, i would seriously take down that emo ass. i do get sick and tired hearing them from a bunch of 12-15 year old kids though…

edit: i miss bands such as foo fighter, metallica, heart, nirvana, smashing pumpkins…

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yah me too. i really appreciate guys to decide to kill themselves cause their music is shit. i wish more musicians would do that.

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Paramore is cool.

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stop spamming this is a serious discussion about suicide and music GODDAMMIT.


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Music on the radio isn’t the only music, don’t go throwin out shit like “paramore is the only good rock band of this generation” when you don’t know shit.

And rap sucks? Get the fuk out. Music today is just fine.

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Paramore only good rock band?

Wow. And lol.

And wow again. And lol again.

guys listen to paramore??? Paramore is considered rock??? the fuck???