Paranormal Activity at Meridian 16


So Meridian 16 by Gameworks is getting 3 prints of Paranormal Activity I was wondering if we should all have get together and go watch it since I don’t feel like going to the Neptune to go watch it and I feel that there’s gonna be less talking then there was at the Neptune. Anyone Down?! :clapdos:




what the fuck is paranormal activity

I keep hearing the name

what do prints of something you watch mean

I thought it was a movie but who prints a movie

wouldn’t that be a comic



Nope. Never.


dont watch the trailer its like the whole movie. id be down to see it again


too late



so scared


Who wants to watch this movie with Super Joe? You’ll have a lot of fun watching me jump out of my seat!!!

Ask Frank what happened when Cody and I watched The Ring together when it came out…!!!


Paranormal Activity in MY PANTS



I wanna watch this movie with super joe, and the HBK after that and witness another summoning of 15 cent guy! The combination of the movie plus zombie bums from the ID will keep me up for DAYS.


i am down to go watch this movie!!!


Is it real or fake


this ain’t sea world, THIS AS REAL AS IT GETS


now i really wanna see this.
this better be good or i will blanka ball someone!!!:rofl::lol:


1501 7th Ave, Seattle, WA

12:30 1:10 1:50 2:50 3:20 3:50 5:00 5:30 6:05 7:05 7:40 8:10 9:20 9:50 10:20 11:30pm 12:01am


that’s a lot of showings.


I’m DOWN For a 1201am showing then we can HK Bistro it up afterwards which is closed at 3am now on weekends = (


How does this movie compare to the first time everyone saw The Ring? I remember that movie being scary as fuck in the theatre. If it’s that calibre then fuck yes I want to see it.


ring didnt scare me, but this did. ive even seen the japanese ringu 1/2/0 and made my own tape. i put that tape in a rental box when i returned it hahah.

but yes, this shit is pretty scary. just make sure niggas aint talkin hella loud during the whole movie


jumpy horror doesnt scare me but disturbing images do. this movie has both and i still can see a few of the creepy images from the movie when i think about it and it makes me scared to pee…i pee anyways

when that chick crawled out of the well in the ring i thought that was very disturbing and is pretty much all that stuck with me from the ring. as long as you can watch this and the theatre is quiet it should be pretty good



Although most horror movies have at least some element of it, I can’t stand when movies rely on interrupting a quiet scene with a scary image and a loud sound to get a cheap scare. Sure, I’m startled, but I could’ve gotten the same thing by asking somebody to yell “boo” in my ear when I don’t expect it (and I’d save $10).

That being said, this movie sounds tight. Anyone tryna make plans for a Sunday viewing?