Parasoul Question and Answer Thread



Have a general question about Parasoul’s game here the community will help you answer it. Periodically I will update the original post with especially good questions and answers. I’ll get the ball rolling with some basic questions I’m curious about.

What are some of the best uses for Egret Call (the Roman Cancel)?

Should Parasoul anchor or be a point character? Does she do better as a solo character or with support character(s)?

What are Parasoul’s best assists? While it’s clear that Napalm Pillar seems like the popular choice, what other options does she have?


Egret Call is good for when you are doing a Napalm Loop. An example being (Corner: LP > MP > HPHP xx L Napalm Shot > LP > MKMK > HP xx Egret Call) or (Midscreen: LK > MK > HPHP xx L Napalm Shot > cr.LK > cr.MK > cr.HP xx Egret Call > Dash > mostly any normal of choice)


Two other good uses of egret call are after a throw so you can dash-up OTG and to avoid chip damage.
Also the bike to make Peacock jump and stop spamming.


Can Parasoul stay close and apply pressure, or is she mainly a zoning character? She seems a lot more versatile than Peacock, but what do you guys think? i am thinking I could play her like Ruby Heart in MVC2.


I think she can do both, I think she has some really cool and effective block strings she can pressure with. I’m tempted to say she’s the most versatile character in the game.


Anybody else wanted that Susan Storm color in the final product? :frowning:


Thoughts on putting parasoul second? I’m planning on adding her to my team which is currently Fortune/Double. She is a worse point than fortune and a worse anchor than double, so I was thinking about using her as a battery in the second spot…


Lol what?

No, but Parasoul’s ridiculous on point and has arguably the best assist


Is anyone compiling hitboxes, or have posted any online? I can only find the hitbox glitch videos


You can look up hitboxes in game…


What’s the recovery on QCF+PP?


That’s nice at all, but seeing them frozen lets me really think about what should be used where, and looking at say parasouls’ jump fierce, where can I hit it.

I’ve discovered in other games a lot of unintuitive anti airs and whatnot just from looking at hitboxes


I am at a loss for how to deal with Parasoul’s blockstrings, they seem to go on forever. Is she ever punishable?


Pushblock the st.HP, st.HP chain, you’d have to block a tearshot but it’ll give you some breathing room.


Im having trouble getting the timing down for a restand after launch. I find,j.hp, the easiest but I wish I had a better batting average with j.lp/,, How do you guys practice restands for consistency?


I’m using j.LP, Stomp, j.LP, Stomp, j.LK, Stomp, j.HP, j.HK


Hmm that’s a lot of damage scaling but more hits is always a psychological win. Might be worth it if it’s reliable.


I had a question about Parasoul’s air HK, I think it’s the HK, I’m not by my PS3 now, it’s a multi hitting move, where she holds her weapon down. Anyways, I use the move in some of my basic BnBs, but I have a lot more trouble getting all the hits of the move to connect against Valentine. If All the hits don’t connect, I can’t finish the combo. Not to say it isn’t possible, it just happens way less frequently then if I’m practicing against Parasoul or Ms Fortune, could have something to do with weight or hit boxes. What’s the key to getting that move to always connect?


If you have a good reversal , any string leading to lp tearshot has a gap in between so you can do it.

I am almost positive in between any string to hp,hp has a gap also, I’ve been hit with stuff before, but I want to test it. :frowning:


I was just labbing this match up myself. I found that timing and distance can make a big difference here. I usually launch valentine with lk,mkmk, c.hp.then Restand her with,, I find that the extra space created by the double mk helps ensure consistency when connecting the I have to connect fairly early but if its too early the will connect as a cross up( which is not necessairly bad) Also I try to press the button for just as connects. Of course timing depends on your tv input lag. I do play on an HDTV with input lag but I can still get the Restand with decent consistency.

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