Paris Hilton Arrested With Cocaine

Paris’ Parents “Flipping Out” as She Floats Not-My-Cocaine Defense - E! Online

Do we even bother placing bets as to whether or not she does jail time? Coke’s a hard drug to get away with (although rehab will likely be the ‘solution’).

can’t see America taking that shit much longer though

Why are drugs illegal again?

It should say Paris Hilton arrested for being fucking worthless.

If she does jail, no more than a week. I’d bet on 4 days.

IF. She might not even get that far.

This is neither news nor is it thread worthy, it was a post that would have been ignored in the lounge thread, with a couple of jokes tossed your way at best. The news is the slop of pigs I swear.

lol cry some more

cuz they’re TOO fun.

where’s that dude with the paris hilton KO countdown avatar?

Yeah, my eyes got more leakage than your loose anus over here. Seriously though, what is up with the cocaine bill congress passed or was trying to get passed. Anyone got the skinny on that?

Probably this, plus a week or two in “rehab” then back out on the streets doing nothing like she normally does.

the cocaine bill related to the sentencing of crack vs powder cocaine. crack used to carry a 100 times more harsh sentence, now it is only 18 times as harsh.

that’s hot and I think the second time she’s been busted and will serve half a day to a week at most.White celebrities…

She can just post bail or whatever right?

Id hit it…

the cocaine that is. she prolly gets the good shit.


<----------------- lol

Why settle for one? You might as well hit both of them while you are at it.

Just make sure you do the coke first.

Surprise! :rofl:


CRACK is a hard drug to hand-wave. Powder is a lot easier (some racism may be present in the much harsher sentencing for possession of crack, due to about around 81 percent of possession/abuse arrests being negroes, unlike powder, which is considered a caucasian proclivity and carries no mandatory federal prison sentencing) to waltz on, especially if you’re a celeb.

I for one think it’s news-worthy which is why I’m here reading the thread. I enjoy reading about celebrity weakness. It makes me feel good about myself =\

Newsworthy? No. Tabloid and Entertaining? Perhaps.

best srk name ive seen in awhile